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See? It just kicked me. It didn't happen. I don't know who to believe. That trial took place in Fairfax County lasting seven weeks. The trial which was live streamed quickly sparked conversation all over social media. this All of stemmed from an op -ed that Heard wrote for the Washington Post. It was based on her experiences with domestic abuse. The court ultimately found Heard liable on three counts of defamation and Depp on one count of defamation. The Netflix series will contain three 45 -minute episodes. It's become annual an tradition for movie fans and social justice advocates. The seventh annual D .C. Black Film Festival returns to Barracks Row in Southeast. These are films that are seriously going to make you make laugh, you cry, maybe even throw popcorn in the theater. Founder Kevin Sampson invites you to watch Lab Rat, groundbreaking interactive film. The audience is going to participate in real time. You're going to scan this QR code. Choose your own adventure. You'll also see gaining ground the fight for black land. A few decades after end the of enslavement, black Americans were able to amass millions of acres of farmland. But today, approximately 90 percent of that land is no longer in black hands. The D .C. Black Film Fest runs Friday and Saturday at the Miracle Theater. Jason Fraley, WTOP News. Coming up on WTOP in money news. Best small towns in America includes two in Virginia. I'm Jeff Glabel. It's 1108. Get a D .C. tune up for only fifty nine dollars. Now, traffic

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