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Started the cuban on conspiracy. Ron watkins has announced. He's running for congress and last week. Donald trump himself released a statement that said quote if we don't solve the presidential election fraud of twenty twenty. Republicans will not be voting in twenty two or twenty four. It's the single most important thing for republicans to do What do you guys make a trump's statement there good news scary news or both. I don't know how you're reading. Good news into that republicans. Oh vote in twenty two and twenty four. I think that's fantastic. Yeah sure. I think that that is cultural for telling republican candidates all across the country that they need to mimic his language. And say this is the most important issue. That's what glenn yung-chen has now said in. Virginia that is what he's trying to get even people that are not particularly trump. He when they start out to end up looking like trump When the time comes to yes that that's the news part of it would be. I kinda think it's both because republicans who don't embrace the big lie or both better for democracy in easier for democrats to beat because They will call them from footage to stay home. There's evidence that happened in the georgia senate relatives But you're right the pessimistic as in probably the more realistic aces that every republican. We'll take that statement is a signal. I better embrace the big. I also think the other thing it does though and then your term is it just a creates a series of of incentives to go further and further to the right for primary candidates. So it's radicalizing apple running in republican primaries eric brightens in missouri right. He's one of the first people to come out and say he wouldn't support. Mitch mcconnell as leader that i heard about on my favorite podcasts. The steve bannon war room. Whatever the show And so that's what he's doing here like he's further radicalizing the republicans who are running for office in who may or may not win these primaries. I think it was really scary about this. Is that nothing. In any of the proposed voting rights protections would prevent some trumpy governor or secretary state from refusing to certify an election so then the question is like how to democrats handle this development. These candidates and i do think i look i i think they have to make it a centerpiece of their campaign in two thousand twenty two this. We had this debate before. But i think it's kind of an emergency. Emergency is keeping the house and the senate that if we lose both the house and the senate the ability for republicans overturn. The election becomes far easier. How do we as a country deal with the fact that one of our to one of our two major political parties that wins roughly half the elections no longer believes in basic democratic norms and precepts. It's one of the greatest threats we've ever faced. We have to win elections. We have to make it easier to vote. You have to do everything we can. And we have to assume by the way that they will use all the these institutions as cudgels. They will stack the courts and they will use the courts against us. They will fill secretary of state roles and then those people will come become. Trumpian refuse to certify election results. They don't like to be honest. I think about the threat. First informants yet the good thing about the freedom to vote act is it prevents firing election officials for political reasons. The the disappointing part about it is. There isn't much that would prevent election subversion which is clearly the greatest issue of the thing happening at the state level and these gerrymander state legislatures. I'm not sure why that didn't land well because the election subversion proposal is what you just said. It's it's makes it harder to fire the election officials. Those is taking the authority away. There's nothing to yeah. I mean ideally because there's nothing there's nothing federal to do but it like state by state because states have so much power over elections and have since the beginning of time like what basically every state would have to say okay when it comes to elections. No partisans no democrats no republicans involved in the running of elections in the certification of elections. It has to be all nonpartisan from the top to the bottom. So that governor shouldn't have the ability to certify an election right like secretaries of state. Shouldn't be partisan right like you'd have to be pretty fundamental reforms but you're right. There's there's nothing no proposals to fix that in a lot of these states which is quite scary and but also by the way you look at like what the conservative intellectual like legal minds have been cooking up and they can use laws that have nothing to do with subverting election to create a new precepts or a new principal around state. Legislators should be able to overrule the courts as l. ever electors. They want the rules governing that six. Step plan for mike pence to overturn the election. Fundamentally we have to defeat these people there is a fascist movement inside the getting into laws. Don't matter the rules. Don't matter to these people so we can re we can craft all kinds of restrictions. They will blow right through them so they have to beat them in ruby. Kramer had story in politico today that when the democratic legislative campaign committee called out republican state legislative candidates who took part in the january six insurrection. It raised their profiles and help them raise money. I realized like you could take from that like well. Don't elevate them. I totally disagree. Like we've been talking about this for months. Or if not years about march taylor green and some of these other people i mean look when they say things that are crazy outlandish they make you know discussing a pair of the holocaust or say things that raises the at some point. You have to call it out and talk about it. I know it's going to raise money for them but it doesn't mean they're effective legislator totally agree i also think part of this too is like we're gonna talk to this with terry mcauliffe about virginia like we have to figure out how to get based democrats as enthusiastic about defending democracy as republican based voters seem to be about overturning. It and the way. We're not right now. Because aren't they are not and so a lot of i think this out. We talked about this in the first segment. We talked about biden not doing enough to promote voting rights. I think a lot of the activists. Frustration is fair to be pointed at biden. But the re and often is also pointed at the media. Fine but when you go beneath that the real problem is actually we need to get the american people vast numbers of americans to care about this more the the power of negative partisanship and polarization as well as like the clear and present danger of these maniacs. Taking power means that. That's how you should run your. You should run your campaign making sure. Voters know about their extremism centerpiece. I mean again. It just brings you back to the power of fox news and conservative media. Yeah because the fights over what's being taught in schools or what textbooks are acceptable etc. That's his old. As time but fox news with that goofball christopher rufo i think his name manufactured a new term for critical race theory and now it is all that republicans are talking about. They are very good at creating a demand thing to antagonize their base. Get him worked up..

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