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Stalinistic it's been done by other presidents i don't know why this president hasn't done it and he already did it with the washington post on the campaign trail he pulled their credentials wouldn't let it have to come in as as normal people while they certainly they certainly threatened it a lot when sean spicer was in in the beginning and didn't they did i think they do throw some people out for a day or two by reclining should throw nbc out no no no we need them in there to make sure they're still famous when they're brought down by roger stone another fine yeah i just told me maybe picking them off one by one you you remember our counterargument humor the tom style style style your steer sire s t e y dire against that in california yeah yeah he's he's the democrat who said he was putting his we should impeach trump yes so he's put up one hundred million one hundred million dollars he says to impeach trump and someone's taken his money and doing things with it at which i have a fine example here and this is from the what's it called next generation dot next gen america dot org which is all about getting rid of trump and the republicans in general and they did a mother's day spot yes and it's a video and it's acted it's poorly acted you don't even need to just be hearing audiences to know that it's an actor but here it is it's for mother's day i started noticing some issues with him maybe in middle school the stealing started out small a few dollars here and there not from me oddly enough but from less fortunate kids he was never afraid to talk with girls.

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