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Team point two and has some additional updates to that fix coming in ten thirteen three some people are calling a partial fix meltdown was discovered by technical university of groff's in austria german security firm kerber a security and jan horn at koogle's project zero last june and then they told manufacturers about including until intel google amazon of microsoft among other companies have been working on a fix since then that's the one we talked about yesterday a second chip flaw affects more than just intel processes we were kind of talking about this was a little fuzzy what it meant yesterday now we have more clarity the second flaw is called specter it affects all chip architectures melt almost all chip architecture is including a indian arm it is considered difficult to implement but if it is implemented say by a sophisticated state actor it could collect sensitive data though they say it would not be able to corrupt modifier delete data would just be a the spy gugel an intel claim they have fixes to make their products immune to spector a lotta people said this will require a re architect thing of the chip until says nope we've got ninety percent of our products within the past five years have updates and by they are at least by the end of next week they say that ninety percent of the processor products introduced with the past five years will be immune so we we know less about the spectre flawed but at least intel is saying that it has fixed it specter was discovered by googles project zero as well and independent researcher paul coker now in reaction to this we've got a lot of emails from people we appreciate all of them we picked one sarah disorder represent the reactions yeah this one comes from michael o'neill on who works as a data centre infrastructure architecture fortune500 company been an idea for sixteen years michael says you get a good explanation on.

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