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It is now 12 30. We did just see some breaking news out of Texas. As the Texas governor Greg Abbott has now signed that restrictive new abortion measure into law that is now law in the state of Texas. I know that the state of Florida is looking at something very similar, but the entire point of those is not necessarily to crack down on abortions, but it is to trigger a Supreme Court response and so far the Supreme Court has opted to stay out of it. We do have a good chance of showers and storms coming a little bit later this afternoon. Right now, Those storms are at bay as in. They're not here yet. It's 88 degrees. Now we're gonna get up to about 90 this afternoon. Our top story here at 12 30, the lone survivor of a random shooting over the weekend in Lakeland that left four people dead, is recovering at this hour at a Tampa hospital, Joe, we're also learning more about the Tampa area. Man accused of that shooting. Polk County Sheriff says he recently worked at a church here in Orlando 33 year old Brian Reilly, facing four counts of first degree murder for the shooting rampage that left a Lakeland family and their dog dead. Well, obviously he's not normal people who kill people are normal, Paul County Sheriff Grady Judd says. Riley was recently working right here in Orlando at a church. He lives in Tampa. He works for a company that does executive protection and security, and he was at this particular church a week ago Sunday. We don't yet know the name of that church. Sheriff Judd says. That connection will be looked at as the investigation is still in its early stages. Ray Computer wdbo 173 F M and a. M 5 80. This is Wdbo Orlando turns first for breaking news, weather and traffic. I'm gentle 90. You're all distrusted McRaney. We haven't even hotter afternoon ahead compared to yesterday and look at those temperatures coming up. I'm Jackie O Brien. We've got a red alert on the turnpike. Outbound at 1 92 traffic in four minutes on Wdbo. Well, good afternoon, 12. 32 28 minutes away from one o'clock mark a show coming up at one o'clock this afternoon. You're listening to Orlando's news at noon on Wdbo one. Oh 73 FM in Am 5 80 Orlando's news and talk Good afternoon. I'm Darryl Moody. Volusia County Public Schools Mask mandate in place this afternoon. The school board voted last week to require all students, faculty and staff to wear masks on campus unless they have a medical exemption. Parents, though, remain divided on the issue should be up to the parent. Not school board. We're in a public health emergency. The only thing that the CDC is asking. Yes, the Children wear masks. So this let us know whether your kids are wearing a mask at school. You can do that by using the open mic in the wdbo app. The Florida Highway Patrol investigating a crash that killed a man on a motorcycle Sunday afternoon near Tampa. Troopers say the 63 year old man was riding his motorcycle on I 75 near Brandon. When the bumper fell off of the vehicle in front of him. The man crashed his motorcycle into the guard rail. He died at the hospital. It's on Clear whether the woman driving that vehicle that lost its bumper will face any criminal charges and three students at the University of South Florida are responsible for what could be a breakthrough Covid treatment. USSF announced that the medical engineering grant won a national competition two weeks ago for inventing a ventilator that can treat at least two patients at once. While they were inspired by Covid, one of the inventors says it has uses beyond the pandemic, she tells Tampa's ABC affiliate. It can be used in natural disasters, military settings or at rural hospitals that are short on ventilators. I'm Rico show the State Department reports. Roughly 100 Americans are still in Afghanistan. A family of four recently airlifted airlifted out of that country. ABC is James Long, one says. There's some controversy, though, over whether the State Department actually was involved understood to be a family of four state. Says they were in a good condition. When they got out, they said they facilitated them leaving, but this is not a furious response from.

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