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They favored it and i'm gonna say almost half of them are not were not said churchill it's incredible uh we'll play the game um if you of enemies that's good it means you stood up for something in your life that has been debunked by the great richard illingworth and other people and uh no he didn't say that uh i'm gonna get this wrong so they need you to to help me finish it um uh uh uh uh a rumor will get so far what was it is a rumor will gets a halfway around the world before its before its stopped checked i would've won usually attributed this along the lines of a lie we'll be halfway around the world uh before it gets its pants on and that's churchill right uh but no he did in fact uh it's attributed to cordell hull roseville secretaryastate a very taciturn tennessee and and uh it sounds so much like churchill in so unlike hole but apparently all set it and there's uh all this one one of the most famous that the english navy churchill said is nothing but rumours sodomy and the lash i mean i heard that one when i was a kid and years later over dinner when he was still alive some us that's one of my favorite called sir and he said i wish i had said it so so he's in that one attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference i didn't say it that i know a pretty sure i may be drunkeness but in the morning i'll be sober and you'll still be ugly didn't say it really have him saying that to various people including uh nancy astor who is an american but moved to england and she was a political enemy of churchill's and she was elected to parliament and usually she's the uh the one he's saying that too well uh unless his vision was excluded she was pretty goodlooking uh you can say to anybody uh we'll see here remake a living by what re get but remake a life by what.

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