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This fascination with the possibility that stoker could have had syphilis is really part of a much bigger speculation that has gone on for a century about the author sexuality. and He seems in so many ways to be a tangle of repression and confusion regarding sexuality and desire in his writing with so much erotic content that it sometimes seems. He doesn't even realize he is including there are multitudes of papers analyzing the sexuality of Dracula and the disdain for the Victorian new woman that is present in a lot of stoker's work, his obsession with figures like Whitman and Irving and his friendship with Oscar Wilde who he saw go through the trial that. You know kind of ruined Oscar Wilde's life have naturally led to speculation about an attraction to men that he may never have truly recognized. But this like his childhood infirmity and his cause of death can never be conclusively known. What we do know though is that Dracula has never been out of print. It has been adapted into films and musicals and ballet and is inspired innumerable other vampire stories and it also just continues to do so. O'Brien STOKER'S DRACULA. We can talk more about it in the behind the scenes. Yes, he so. Fascinating and complex, and I really did not know all of that Walt Whitman stuff to the degree played. Well, I took a second while we were kind of in our in a in a sponsor break movements. To, see at I. Don't think we mentioned any connection to Bram Stoker in the Walt Whitman episode. Yeah. I don't think so I Yeah I want to Rewatch, all of the Dracula now. And think about him in this way. I. Don't have regular listener mail. I have an illustrative tale. I'm eager for this Well, it's just one of those things where It's kind of a peek behind how this works and you mentioning that you looked up in the Walt Whitman episode whether we mentioned Bram Stoker kind of plays into it This is a I got a facebook message from our listener and our friend Maria who I met through the podcast and have you know exchanged notes with back and forth we met her also at one of our live shows and she mentioned that she was doing a paper on pandemics and she had found. In older episode stuff, you missed in history class that talked about the black plague and she thought there had been more recent one with the two of us but couldn't find it in a gave me a moment where I was like I have to look this up because I don't remember and it is one of those things that I feel like comes up often and we've talked about it a little before. But I I always liked to illustrate it literally just the same as we relate, did we do a brand stoker episode there are moments where. The black death and things like plague in particular and Bram stoker is another good example and what women because he comes up in many things where it's really hard to remember what we have and have not done as a full episode particularly when that topic comes up in many other episodes is sort of a secondary piece of the story. So it, it always cracks me up a little bit because people will often be like you did an episode on this and we're like, no, we didn't, and sometimes we will realize that what has happened is that they have stitched together what they thought was a longer episode in their head. Sometimes, it is people confusing our show for other shows. Yeah and I'm not making fun of anybody because I have absolutely done this before where I've been like I remember hearing this on an episode of ninety nine percent invisible and it was like actually on criminal or something like it was. Their shows are very dissimilar. I. Don't know how I don't think that's a real example from my actual life, but we have. People email us and say, Hey, I just I'm trying to find episode you all did and I can't find it anywhere and I'm like. That was not us I'm really sorry. Yeah. It's just a an interesting illustrative example of how sometimes we don't even know for sure. We literally have to go back to an index that Tracy put together a while back where we were changing. Over the way our website worked yeah, and she just gathered all of our Meta data into a big document. Especially when you go back to shows that we're before you and I hosted idea, I have a lot of gaps in my knowledge of that even though I we try to keep track of it and look at it periodically but it is an interesting thing and I feel like it's a good illustrative example of what has often come up in the show. I feel like it's come a lot lately of cases like Bram Stoker where He missed remembers things about his past. And they're oftentimes it came up to in the Elaine Levinsky episode. People will report even their own biographies incorrectly, and sometimes in some cases, the initial response is to presume. A sort of nefarious level that they're lying or covering something up, but it's also. Worth, noting that people have faulty memories. As, often, also what ACLU's historical records said even when you're talking to someone. Fairly. Recently, after an event has taken place, they will related events incorrectly just just a little point of reference for everyone as we all talk about history Moma time to remember personal personal accounts are great. and sometimes like the the most primary Sir she can get but also to remember that they are not remembering necessary right? Right. And one day someone will. Be like holly and Tracy remembered stuff incorrectly and we'll be like that is correct. Yeah. Definitely. Remembered it incorrectly all the time. Anyway, that was my little trip I wonder if people realize how tricky it is to keep drinking actually done episode. If, you would like to write to us ask US questions about episodes we may or may not remember doing you can do. So at history podcast at iheartradio dot com, you can also find us on social media as missed in history and you can subscribe to the show just remember to do that only have to remember for a second if you do that on the iheartradio APP and Apple podcasts or wherever it is illicit. Stuff you missed in history classes, the production of iheartradio for more podcasts from iheartradio visit, the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. From my radio gets the hey pal podcast. Hey, PAL now. Jared deba we're going to be talking sports we have Julian Element, on our podcast today Julian, it's football movies who's advancing between Jerry, Maguire and Louis I. Think he gotTa Go waterboard Got An upscale. Talking Entertainment. 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