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Or ten to one for the triumph at this stage? Probably not. But, you know, I think Darren made some really good points about noting down the horses that are entered in here, particularly are the ones that don't turn up because she then got that in your arm, or are you going forward? Yeah, a 100%. Actually, in my tracker, I'm surprised by the amount of forces who have cropped up for this comfort zone, common practice, lossy mouth, nusrat, and risk bell. Are all in the best of lines in that as well, actually, but obviously she's not going to run based on what Gordon said to us yesterday on the show. So we can take her out, but there's 6 horses in there. But one being an on runner, that I have listed as horses to watch out for for the season. Of those to rock up obviously last month will be very interesting. I hope miss red runs for Joseph, I know I'm butchering that pronunciation. But he was rated 91 on the flat, and that was a very stylish debut over hurdles. So I hope he rocks up. And hopefully Daryl Jacob will come over for the ride as well because that was impressive for punches down. And I'd like to see more of him. But we shall see. The royal Bond. Ah, the race hurricane fly took. Just a small point. Sorry, Emma, I'll just drop in. Gallo is the site that if people want to go and watch French racing and replays because during the season, there'll be plenty of these French imports that will that will crop up. So I think it's just France Gallup GAP dot com and then you can just register. I'd be watching plenty of the French race in there to be honest, that would be on there. That's where you'll get it. But you were about to move on to the royal Bond. I was yeah. I'm trying to think of the name of the. Was it common to barley? No, it wasn't. There's a horse that was watching with you in Liverpool. From France, I remember going, damn. This is going to be an exciting one. So yeah, the front Scala is a terrific site. Yeah, it's a place where, especially when people are buying horses into sales, that's probably what we were at. We were just having a look at some of the replays or whatnot, you know. Yeah. And it's free. You just register, but it is free, which is very useful as well. Right, so royal Bond. A champ kiley, 1.8 with beta marine nationale, 2.37 for Barry connell in the pocket for Henry bromhead 7. Irish .7 for Gordon, he was seen bullish about him yesterday. Hercule de soy liked that performance the last day beating imagine who's run well since although beaten, path Dora was very impressive as well, are also an 8 to one shot in asteroid diamond. I got the impression from Patrick, this horse will line up in this race, and it's a race that the Mullins team have obviously done very well in over the years, but have done well in with mayors, too, and the mayor's listed bumper winner from the mayor's bumper winner from entry last season could very well have her second turtle starter. She's currently a 13.0 shot. Who you really looking forward to? Look, all eyes are going to be on champagne. Well, he did to Brazil the last day was very impressive and Brazil has come out in one subsequently. So it's a case of how good is champ Kylie, but who are you particularly interested in seeing Darren? Yeah, I think just jumping with a point for any of the listeners my notes for the for the fairy house card up on the all bed Sunday app just in a kind of a little PDF thing that I got one of the guys to do. So if people want to download the app, it's there on the homepage. It's just because it's really all about us trying to share with the listeners, the thought process that we go through when we're trying to find winners in all of the different races. And you tend to have different categories in your head of horse and different profiles than of winners, ages, prices, you know, going all of those things that contribute to the way that we would go and go and find a winner. And, you know, like even from the three of us that are chatting here, you wouldn't necessarily be driven by price in terms of the decision that you're making. You generally speaking, you'd probably come to a short list yourself and you'd probably price the race up yourself and that would be your way then of identifying what type of value that you feel is available and just kind of getting onto the royal Bond, you know, I think that champ kiley is an absolute steal here at four to 5 is the price that I'm looking at here at the minute. And you were quoting the bed deck prices. And why do I think he's a steal? I think that there's a lot of excitement about marine nationale on beaten and all of that type of jazz. And, you know, sometimes people give it to me that they can be a little bit harsh on trainers and stuff. I don't mean to be, but I just can't take that very connell is going to out Fox Willie Mullins in a grade one with Barry carnell's first, you know, proper horse by the looks of things. He's a fantastic man. Don't get me wrong. He's earned his stripes. From going horses, working with trainers, building his own buying his own facility, you know, training himself, but you know he has a horse in there at 11 to 8, which is taking up a huge percentage of the market and then you've term Kylie had practically evens, whereas without Marie nationale, you know, champagne is going to be heavily odds on. I'm not a odds aren't punter, but if you are, I would say that that champagne is huge value at that type of price because I just can't have very carnal to beat Willie Mullins in a grade one. I don't see it happening. So therefore, with the percentage of the market, the marine nationale takes up all the arrows point to champ Kylie for me in terms of being actual value at four to 5. Am I being harsh there? I think that sometimes in the media, people aren't directing off about what they think about trainers, different levels of ability of trainers. There is this myth that every trainer can train or that every trainer can get a horse to a race course. In peak condition, they can't. And it's something that maybe I'd be a bit blond, but what would your own view be? No, I think you're absolutely spot on. Willie Mullins has won umpteen grid one reasons for grade one races for a reason. It's because he's basically the best around. And he knows what it takes to

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