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And daily loosen the hell did you hear about us section well since it's monday why don't i just get to the point we don't need a donald dewey no donald around here now oak okay darling is kind of interesting thing people say get up and go take massive action go do your thing and get it might take longer than you think you feel like you're dawdling right i mean you can't charge nonstop all the time sometimes things have to season sometimes it takes a little bit longer to get what you want you got to kind of stick with it and you have to let it yeah let it sees the let it you know it's like it's like cooking a roast right take some time to get tender sometimes it's just not going to happen tomorrow it but it will happen but it just may be next year's tomorrow okay so if that's the case the most important thing we can possibly do do is understand what's going on at least be aware of what's happening because if you're sitting there every single day you jump at a bed and god bless you you go go go go go and you pushing up against a brick wall and it's going to happen anyway just not tomorrow that's frustrating all right a lot of people quit when that happens but if you take your time and you do your homework and you assess where you are and you should every day it's kinda check it on your goals but you get up in the morning and you go okay where am i working on all this stuff my life is going this way how is it going and you might come to conclusion this was going really really well it's just going to little slower than i thought so maybe i just have to factor that in talk about relaxing a little bit talk about not stressing out and think about all the stuff you can get done while you wait for everything else that kind of season it become ready to to pick off the vine mixing metaphors there i'm sorry do your homework sit down for at least a few minutes right after this podcast a great time to do it look at all the roles in your life look at everything that's going.

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