United States, Kim Jong Un, North Korea discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


They're building trust suddenly one of them is opening i would call liaison offices these diplomatic outposts are there's certainly no diplomatic representation on the united states in sweden the swedish embassy handles of a affairs for the us and that's a good confidence building measure because he cannot be taken away easily onc set up move people there so that's the beginning of trust building and so i wanna see some of that coming up humanitarian assistance do we promise them humanitarian assistance even cultural exchanges dance troops coming remember ping pong diplomacy so all those apart of trust that that needs to be built up just the beginning of kim jong un's money we were actually north korea for some philharmonic diplomacy in two thousand and eight the us neil philarmonic went to pyongyang and it was an amazing moment and it did lead to a little bit more political than nuclear negotiations between the bush administration and kim jong il his father's administration but then for a period of time that's sort of collapsed singer though you know it's not just a lack of trust it's it's a different definition of terms of terminology i mean we're talking about denuclearization as has been often said the the north korean vision for what denuclearization they denuclearization of the korean peninsula not just you know the us talks about it as north korea giving up its nuclear weapons well this gets right to the point that joe was making about why only leaders could go do this because when we talk about it we talk only about what we need the north koreans big about in their view we have farmers ships submarines all off the north korean coast that could hit north korea with nuclear weapons at any moment and so they're looking for us to pull back on only on proofs but on exercises and so forth and this is gonna hit a very critical and.

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