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The sonos move at an event on august twenty six. Oh look at bo is getting in a week early before. Sonos is biggest big announcement of something. That sounds like pretty much. The exact same bluetooth speaker isn't it kinda weird heard that both of these brands which were known initially for like audio quality unsurpassed audio file of yes sumer brand stuff now are like in what had traditionally been the like cheapo speaker game of like bluetooth portable like that that was you would have seen almost a totally brand opposite for bose and sonos a few years ago to be in this game and yet. That's just the place where the market is right now well. It's yeah yeah you're right in fact even though there have been pretty good bluetooth speakers for some time it was you know and i've got a couple of sonos ones they do have great audio quality and and and people rave about their comp competitor good speakers as well never actually been around a homepage in anyone's home only in an apple l. store but again you know good quality for the most part but now we're getting to the point where the companies like all right now. What's an extra thing. I could do a ha- let's add some water resistance a handle handle <hes> and then during bluetooth so they can take it to the beach with after this is right and it'll be better quality than the bluetooth who speakers of yesteryear. I love this. I mean the the fact that all the assistance for the most part are represented and it's if you're a bos person i used to have noise cancelling headphones from bos- they were very nice over the kind of pricey and so is the speaker your <unk> why why wouldn't you go with a third party smart speaker at this point rather than a home pod which is is much less <hes> open well. I mean i think <hes> the home pod is probably the much much like the apple credit card something that people have kind of just ignored wash it gently in putting next thing that might scratch it not look look directly at the only the finest silk when you take your home pod to the beach. The washington post reports that twelve of the u._s.'s largest telcos. I didn't even know we had twelve have signed a pledge to implement technology to spot and block robocalls ashley stories make me so happy making a anti-rebel call tools available for free to consumers and.

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