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Be joining us for the latest edition of extra time. Make sure you do too. Thanks so much for being with us on ESPN FC. We'll be back. Tomorrow, Dan Thomas will be with you. See you then. Welcome to the latest edition of extra time. Julian Laurent Jan agusti out of and Stevie Nicola here to answer your questions. January psychologist on team highland, we've established that once so far have been loving hearing from the interview all week, but we'll get into it with these questions and we start with one for you, Stevie. Should Liverpool switch to a back three and have trends and robo as wingers, the back three would be Virgil Van Dyke mutti and konate. Absolutely not. I mean, what? Why fakes was not broken. You know, one of the reasons and applies to Robinson. I've been asked this question about Alexander Arnold more than robots. Why would you not push him followed up the field? Well, the reason you don't push him further up the field to start with, is because he comes late. And so when it comes late, it gets more time on the ball. So when you're playing with the back four, and you've got both him and Robertson, that's why they get to deliver so many great balls because they come late and that gives them more time to get the head up and either pick a sport or pick out a player. So, hey, in broke, don't fake it. Do you agree with that jewels? Yeah,.

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