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B. P. meteorologist Brad right now we do have cloudy skies and forty three degrees daily at least I made six the federal government is moving forward with its case against the Allen man charged in the el Paso Walmart massacre that left twenty two people dead after cruise ships appeared in federal court in el Paso for the first time this week charged with ninety counts of federal hate crimes US attorney John bash said crucial is is charged under the federal hate crimes statute for allegedly targeting Mexicans by charging the defendant under that law we're vindicating the important federal interest in stopping crimes that are motivated by hatred of a particular group of people who's this is also facing a state capital murder charge the jury in the trial of a former Dallas police officer will be back later this morning for day three of deliberations Christopher has faces up to life in prison in the twenty seventeen shooting death of Genevieve doughnuts after nearly eight hours of deliberation the jury and judge brand in Birmingham if they could break for the day after dealing with air conditioning issues in the jury room perhaps all the lawyers and ME and then Bayless we should go in the hot jury room you guys should deliberate out here and they have the better the judge allowed the overnight recess and deliberations will continue when the jury meets at nine AM Clayton level KLIF news a former North Texas priest currently jailed in Dallas County is facing an additional charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child the second count against Richard brown comes out of Collin county in according to arrest warrant stems from abuse allegations from the same girl in the down in Dallas County devils bishop Edwards burn says the bias is fully supports the charges Richard brown was removed from public ministry in the early nineteen nineties we are pleased that justice is being served according to the warrant the girl was between six and fourteen years old at the time of the alleged abuse Dallas County grand jury will determine if a man should be charged with criminally negligent homicide for crash that reportedly killed a young boy in Carrollton killing to veto with Carrollton police a seventy eight year old Andrew Hewitt was driving a van that hit and killed a twelve year old boy days before Christmas he says you a claims he swerved onto the sidewalk to avoid hitting another vehicle our destination did not show any evidence that he tried to leave the scene did day and has been resisted any part of the investigation leader says he's in failing health and has asked the state to consider revoking his driver's license Dallas police are looking for a man they say flashed a fifteen year old girl as she was walking to school yesterday morning it happened around seven forty five in the morning of the fifty eight hundred block of highland Dr police say the suspect exposed himself then reached out and touched the victims left buttock the suspect went into a nearby apartment complex it was seen walking away he's described as a black male.

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