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It's all green for equities around the world U.S. stocks are on the rise after Beijing's latest moves to east COVID restrictions Sing a note of optimism in markets that have been rattled for weeks by inflation and rate height concerns we check the markets for you every 15 minutes during the trading day on Bloomberg S&P is up 54 points up 1.3% the Dow is up 320 points a gain of 1% there NASDAQ 100 higher by a 196 points up 1.6% ten year treasuries down 1730 seconds for a yield of 2.99% Nymex screws down three tenths percent or 33 cents at a $118 54 cents a barrel comic scored little change to the downside down 90 cents at 1849 30 announced The Euro 1.0707 against the dollar British pound 1.2545 the N is at one 31 .11 Carl icahn said that a proxy fight focused on the treatment of pregnant pigs at Kroger after he lost a similar battle with McDonald's last month the activist investor told shareholders of both companies to day that he is conceding the fight saying he expects the same outcome at Kroger as at McDonald's due to the grocery chains financial position That is a Bloomberg business flash on Nathan Hager back to Bloomberg markets Paul sweetie and Matt Miller Wild news there from Nathan Hager You know go figure All right we have Rosalind Matheson in our Bloomberg interactive broker studio today she's executive editor for international government for Bloomberg news based in London but we have are here in the states this week We found out in the last hour month that she is Australian from some little news What's the name of that town again rose It's a cold gun bungee Gone bungee It's an indigenous name Wow Go figure I mean I don't know One day me and Ross traveled to a remote town in Austria to interview the former head of the FBI James Comey together Really Was that were we in Austria We would Yeah That was awesome Yeah That was such a cool I mean you know he had just written a book and obviously it was like Comey versus Trump But he's an amazingly fascinating and also really tall dude Extremely tall Yeah Ross explained to us what's happening in London today folks who tell us we need to pay attention to a vote that's going on in parliament What's going on over there Well that's right So it seems like enough of his own lawmakers have had enough of him And so they've submitted letters calling for a leadership vote on his him leading the Tory party which of course means his leadership of the country as a whole that vote will happen in a couple of hours today It goes out It takes about two hours for it to happen I fall into a room one by one and cast their vote yeah or nay and then there's an outcome It looks like at this point he will probably win that vote because they need a 180 toy lawmakers to go against him but the question is what is the damage that's being done simply by having this vote happen in the first place And what is the margin by which he would presumably win this vote It could be quite tight and tighter than he would like And that suggests of course that the knives will be out for him even despite the outcome today potentially But the base case is that he wins right Because his own party is bringing this vote essentially and it's a system that I think a lot of Americans are unfamiliar with They have this committee 1922 It all seems so old and weird But what if they lose they're bringing on an election that they're sure then later to lose Well that is the risk also from this He might win and then he might decide to call an election to try and get a fresh mandate from the public or to get rid of some of these Tory rebels But how could he I mean they're experiencing inflation just like we are and they're doing very little about it just like we are I mean people are a lot of people are being driven into poverty by these high energy prices right Well exactly And all the polling shows that going to an election any time soon would be very self defeating for the Tories because of all the things that you mentioned particularly the state of the economy inflation the idea has not delivered on his promises to bring development to areas in northern England and so on He came in of course in a landslide win In 2019 with a very large majority for a British prime minister and that's all seemingly evaporated At this point But he may decide just to go that because he is a very charismatic politician He's a very charismatic campaign and maybe he thinks somehow if you can call an election and get out there he can somehow rally the faithful and get enough voters back For the Tories but it's a very big ask given what we're seeing at the moment in the polling All right let's switch gears Ros since we have you in studio want to cover broad range here Ukraine boy we're not going into our fourth month I guess over there in Ukraine Is there a consensus amongst the folks that really follow this closely how this might play out here Or is this just going to be a long long slog Well it certainly hitting that kind of grinding war of attrition which we would imagine could go on for an extended period You're seeing Russian troops make incremental gains and then get pushed back again and then further gains There's certainly holding some of the ground that they've.

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