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And your hey charlie. Hey paul on our show today with lindsay davis. We explore the very core of human existence. I think we can sum it up. Best with the words of psychologists phil sutherland who said as human beings before we are anything else we are burning ball of desire lenzi and i prob- the role of bernie desire and every single move. We make we are desire without desire. We really are barely more than automatons. But with desire we're hungry we are fruitful and we can find extraordinary pleasure and productivity in life and. Why should our lives not be pleasurable and productive. Let's find out on my conversation with business. Life and performance coach. Lindsay davis lindsay davis. Welcome to the next chapter with charlie. Charlie good to be here talking with you again. Thank you for having me. I was enjoy our conversations so much you know lindsay from our many phone conversations. I'm going to guess that you are a brilliant business in my life coach because you always impressed me with unique insights and perspective never fails. Well you know the only as good as the conversation you're having so you bring it out of me and I think together we we get into some pretty fund topic so redo talking with you. I sometimes how many times have we said think we should have. We should have recorded our phone call. That was broadcast. Yeah i did Pressing record yeah. Yeah i think. I think we are. We are woven from the same cloth of the same. I guess that's the way you would say. It isn't whirlwind from the same cloth woven into the same month. We our our. Our view of life is very similar. Yeah i agree so lindsay today. What i wanna talk about. I'm into I'm really into this idea of desire just as a as a comment and per as as a content and personally i'm into desire myself like i had a guest. I think it was last week jaime lerner and and she called herself a pleasure junkie. I can relate to that. It's not that looking only for pleasure and having fun and being no crazy and wild. But i find enjoyment from so many different things in life and i personally have lots of desires sometimes. There are people desires mission desires and sometimes just purdy selfish taking care of myself desires. Do you have things like that as well. Ideal and i love the word that you chose which is enjoy it. Desire and enjoyment and pleasure can be really misunderstood as just superficial hedonism.

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