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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Janine Herbst. Three people wounded in a shooting at a synagogue near San Diego have been released from the hospital, including the congregation's rabbi who was shot in the hand, the attack at the Bod synagogue in Powell left one person dead. Rabbi, Israel, Goldstein says it could have been worse the gun jammed, and in attendance at the synagogue, there was a border patrol off-duty agent. Mr Jonathan morale Goldstein's Morales and another man tried to tackle the gunman who left the building authorities are now searching for the motive of the nineteen year old gunman who was expected to be charged this week, they believe he acted alone. We searched his home and car and are also investigating whether he had anything to do with an arson attack at a nearby mosque last month area law enforcement say they've stepped up security at places of worship out of an abundance of caution. Richard Lugar, Indiana's longest serving Senator has died. Sarah whitmire from member station, W F, I, you and. Bloomington. Indiana reports the Republican was best known for his work on foreign policy Lugar served two terms as mayor of Indianapolis before joining the Senate in nineteen seventy seven he served until twenty thirteen along with Democratic Senator Sam Nunn. He led the effort to help the former Soviet states dismantle their weapons of mass destruction and nuclear arsenals, Luger's longtime colleague, and friend former Indiana democratic congressman Lee Hamilton says Luger was known for his commitment to bi-partisanship Congress's become much more, hyper partisan polarize, and the example, the dick Lugar said and working across the aisle needs to be elevated Luger was eighty seven years old for NPR news. I'm Sarah whitmire in Bloomington, Indiana. It's getting more expensive.

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