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With the cash out refinance. Cashing out some of your home's equity to use for life. We are united Faith Mortgage benefit mortgages. The debate banana market score. 25 Little Park room. Nobody likes mortgage banker for licensing information, good animals, consumer access to the corporate and one number 13 35 record unless number 6.233 equal housing Lender relations in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota, are you talk? UnitedHealth Group will spend nearly $8 billion in cash to add a healthcare technology company to its growing up in business, UnitedHealth says It'll add change healthcare to its optimum insights segment and boost its ability to provide data analytics and revenues cycle management support. Among other offerings, UnitedHealth brings in most of its revenue through a health insurance business. Covers about 48 million people. But it's happened segment generates bigger profit margins and provides a growing portion of the company's operating earnings Correspondent Jeremy House, UnitedHealth will pay $25.75 in cash for each share of change. Major technical fault in Pakistan's power generation and distribution system caused a massive power outage yesterday. The plunge the country into darkness, hours after the late Saturday adage. Energy minister said. Lights are slowly being turned back on news and analysis of town. All that calm. I'm Michael Harrington. The L. A Rams advance in the NFC playoffs yesterday, and they did it by knocking off division rival the Los Angeles Rams got some playoff revenge against the Seattle Seahawks with a 30 20 victory. Two weeks earlier, the stocks that clinched the NFC West where they went over the ransom. Seattle Jared Goff, You broke the thumb on destroying hand in that game, came off the bench destroy fourth quarter touchdown to put the game away. Cam makers rushed for 131 yards and a touchdown while the Rams defense contained Russell Wilson, who completed just 11 of 27 passes will be insect five times and had an interception returned by Darius Williams for a touchdown. Jim Bernard Seattle who's Lama is this? That's the question. Authorities in Massachusetts are asking after a passer by had a recent encounter with one Patrick body was driving through Newbury partly spotted a male grand white llama. Often interstate, he got upset alarms seem very chill. Well, he's someone an animal control workers. They're still trying to find a farm to take the big animal more on these stories of town hall that calm High pressures in control, so it will be a drying this weekend with some sunshine today a light breeze out of the northwest and high reaching 48. Partly cloudy tonight. The low of 28 clouds will increase into Monday to start off the week of the high of 46 at a sunny.

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