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Next time you go to your car, take extra blanket with you. I know we've been saying this throughout the day. But you never know what situation you might end up in dress properly. I actually I was able to convince my son to wear a vest today. I. I know 'cause I've been asking thank you very much. You know, how I did it David I use the bribe now I use science my son is very logic based and there's a there's a great article there several great articles about why wearing a vest helps keep your core warm, which keeps the blood flow to your extremities and therefore keeps your temperature at a healthy rate. So that's how I did it science. That's how all righty then. Science wins again. Yes, the science the science gal by keeping your core insulated, right fees. It's an extra layer right down the middle. You keep your blood flow is constant here. Extremities keeping them warmer. That's why off a long sleeve with a good vest over enough to keep you warm in some, you know, when you're active maybe going for run and things like that. So I was excited to be able to convince him to wear vest because he did have to go to school today. CPS for those of you who are listening station, you already know. But maybe you're just jumping in the car or tuning in Seattle having guests all day tomorrow Thursday. That's right CPS has cancelled. And there might be some high school students who are pleased with these announcements because they're in the middle of exams are middle of exams week. So gives them a few extra days home. I feel a little bit guilty. I will be leaving after tomorrow night sale. I'm heading to Indianapolis to perform at the crackers comedy club. Which means my husband is going to have cabin. Fever with the boys. I'm not even going to ask you about the name of the club. Believe me every comic that goes on stage. Has the same reaction. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I think it was supposed to be like a crack me up kind of a thing. But yeah, there it is. Okay. And there it is. So saw my apologies. My husband will listen to this podcast tomorrow. So hope you'll take this apology is I didn't mean to ban him because not only so Griffin has the coal days Wednesday and Thursday and he had Friday off anyway for school institution day. So what what's your husband's first day? Stephen. I didn't mean to as bad timing critically. It wasn't personal don't take it. Personally. I actually don't like to go on the road. I don't do comedy clubs in the wintertime because I don't like to get trapped in weather like this. I don't like to leave my husband dangling in a situation like this. But Paul VAR begged me to get him into this comedy club in Indianapolis. And this was the weekend that worked out, and so Steve you can blame comedian Paul far VAR in these in this hour, we're gonna check in with our good friend, John Katie, we're talking a little bit about the Super Bowl. And you know, since you're trapped in the house, perhaps some of you for the next few days, and please if you can work from home, I know this is I've heard this for the last two days if you can work from home, if if it's possible to not leave the house, it is highly recommended that you do. So so Johnnie talk about the Super Bowl a little bit. He's a patriots fan. And now we're gonna he's yes, Tom, you can say do you want? Do you want to say anything on there? No, I've already gotten in argue verbal arguments. Paul farve are about this. Oh, no. It's not necessary to be an argument about a team of them. Yes. It is. Next year. And then. And agreeing with you and then coming up at ten thirty. We've got Detrick Kathy Taina's, we're gonna talk a little bit about taking care of yourself in this weather. We've got a Steve Dale because last night a listener called in and was convinced that it is okay. To leave your dogs out in the cold. And we want to talk about that, exactly. That eleven o'clock. We'll talk to some filmmakers who've made the move Michael Smith, and Tom can you remind me the name of the producer that he works with apologize lane. Mery williams. Thank you. Amory Williams will join us at eleven o'clock for some fun conversation about filmmaking in Chicago and then Warren price art car guy at midnight. And we want to hear from you. What are you doing to prepare for this weather is it not a big deal to you? Let us know three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred or is this when you gear up you go into emergency mode to take care of yourself in those in your world more after this. But by the way, the numbers three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred you can call or text us to that number three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred and if you miss any of the show because you've got to get out of the car or you're trying to get some sleep..

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