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I was already up a guy had the highest I was about to 30 to 35 in college and as a pro, I got up into the 270 range 275, you know, I got a little busy obviously and when you wrestle as compared to playing basketball you are going to have more muscle I'll be sure so that that we're put that weight on me. But yeah pretty good career choice. Diversity of Miami and I had the opportunity to play some fabulous basketball players and I was really lucky Miami was not in the ACC as it is now it was an independent wage and we wrestled we I mean we played out in La we played UCLA the year they won the national champs Holly. Yep. Yeah, we played it Polly pages and artist Gilmore in the number two team that you they've national championship game was Jacksonville University and UCLA. And I played against both those centers. Wow, Gilmore found the center for the for the UCLA team. So, you know an opportunity to play some great players. I've played against Wing Talons went on to use Florida State. So we took Florida State obviously been in the same state and so, you know, I had a I had pretty good career. I really enjoyed playing basketball, but it wrestling was what I always wanted to do. Sure. Is there an opportunity was there ever a time that you thought wouldn't be a wrestler? But it was just kind of in your blood and this was what you were going to do know. I thought that I would retire I thought would quit a restaurant that you know, I did it was my grandfather's life. He went through his entire life with it and retired after having built territories and off the run a tremendous business. He operated resting and twelve States at one time in the South. He just was at a monstrous company in my dad spent his life in it and thought I would do but things changed in the eighties rusting change. Oh gosh, don't I don't even want to get there, but you know how I feel about all that often, but do you recall some of your first matches? Oh, yeah, I mean you you always remember some of your first matches. It's such a such a strange thing to be a professional wrestler off. You you have your haven't grown up like I did in the sport you see these guys and they become Heroes to you. There are there icons to you and and I end up wrestling some of those guys early on in my career the Assassins which were green tag team Jody Hamilton and and the Tom renesto. I wrestled of Nick bockwinkel as a real young guy one of the greats. Wow, you know just huge name's Bob Armstrong when Bob Armstrong was young. He was you know, he was in he was just getting started..

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