Muller, President Trump, Nixon discussed on Hugh Hewitt


Catch muller i'm of the opinion you cannot touch muller that's a third rail on the other hand i gotta tell you jake searching a private lawyer the president's private lawyers office is unprecedented in american history i don't know that reporters quite understand i i go back to nixon and james saint clair defending him i think bill clinton being defended by any number of lawyers up and down david kendall being the number one it can you imagine any lawyers marching over to david kendall's office at williams and connolly and seizing all of his papers and so when the president hit the roof yesterday i thought to myself this is justified rod rosenstein executed that the reason he executed that is because there is no attorney general say stop wait a minute this constitutional separation of powers issue of the very very preeminent set up forget trump forget cohen forget everything you're you're taking on the president's lawyer the attorney general should make that call sessions can't because he's recused that's why i think the president is about to go volcanic on sessions and rosenstein i think you're right on that last point now i guess the question i would happen since your lawyer you know better to lead the way i read all the news stories is that muller found something not within his jurisdiction that's cr that is potentially criminal that involves cohen and he passed that off to the southern district of new york who executed on the search warrant and seized a bunch of documents and stuff like that that's the explanation that's been padded out there more times and other places so i wonder what that i just personally do wonder what that means that.

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