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Right now it's time for cocktails this is the part of the show where we tell you a true tale from history then give you a fitting drink to serve along with its it's like histories a mega soon nami but it's okay because it's filled with boos yes dream come true for you guys first the history part seattle of course is one of the great american music towns so we figured we tell you about a big moment in american music history as told by the guy who lived at hi i'm no rogers i'm a producers songwriter in a pretty good guitar player so my songwriting and production partner basis extraordinaire bernard edwards he and i were invited over to studio fifty four because greece jones believe that she wanted us to produce and right her new record it was new year's eve nineteen seventy seven going into 78 greece jones said to us in that very affected voice of hers okay dialing i want you to come to the back door and you knock on the door and you tell the natural personal guest of grace jobs which is like you know that's like saying your personal guest of elvis so was it seem plausible to us so we did that we got dressed up in our uh new year's eve best than we knocked on the back door and we said we will personal guest of grace jones and the security guide the back door look this up and down didn't spend much time evaluating us and basically just said f off slamming the door in our faces and we figured that it was probably legitimate era and may be grace ted given our names to the front door so we walked around and and may soon as we hit fifty four stream eighth avenue we saw this ocean of people and we sort of swam through this ocean of people and we got to the bouncer the now famous mark beneke at the front door and martin luther up and down the list and he didn't find our name anywhere and it was pretty obvious that we weren't going to get an studio fifty four that night.

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