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Greiner of glorious wave church in Houston and we were talking about the impact of of the county and the city shutting down our communities rodeo and put this into perspective it's the biggest event in Houston by far every year is a three week long extravaganza half the cities involved in this all volunteer not so I don't I don't want you to minimize recess the rodeo is designed to prison rodeo every third Friday night is a big deal I saw all the compliance of the citizenry nobody was angry nobody wanted to protest nobody wanted to argue the decision they just accepted it people are fearful Jesus is the answer let's not miss the day of our visit patients he is able to dispel this this horrible corona virus we don't have to have it we don't have to die from it we don't even have to be go to I see you with it we don't have to have it I mean Jesus is the final answer for it thank god for what doctors and nurses can do and what any kind of drugs can do we not against that we're on the same side I believe all healing comes from god but we must put god at the top of the list we must trust in him when US trust in his son Jesus that's the message we must not miss our visitation we must not allow secularism to steal our traditions are precious a Christian Judeo Christian traditions that we have in this country pastor it it should be noted that while the county determined that churches could not open as a result of your lawsuit the governor re opened the churches by executive order well that was the same day I believe last week is that right that was correct okay so as it stands now you are able I get the sense you're gonna open the church no matter what but you as it stands now you are able to open the church and not be in violation of Texas law is that correct that's correct there is a there is a difference between Lana have boggles order and governor Abbott and we're leaving the students in place for several reasons but the main reason we got to get this reconcile displaying about ten people is not this does make any sense for one bank is an equal treatment under the law because as an essential service now they're telling me ten people but they don't tell the others ten people if not consistent there's no basis for we've got to get it straight we've got establish a better president so that they can't just randomly take our freedoms from us and so that's while we're going to leave it in place until there's clarification but it was important to me not to be a law breaker I didn't want to go to jail I didn't want to be a martyr like if I had I wanted to make a point and it was important for me not to ask my people to break a law and I don't want to do that I don't want to ask them okay glorious wave church you guys break the law I don't want to do that I will be in that position so in my it's my position in my attorney's position that we are not and that was important to me and you will be open this Sunday for Easter so we will be open this Sunday for Easter Sunday and we are prepared because we expect a bigger crowd than we had before that we will kill to our capacity which is probably gonna be about a hundred and twenty even though we have a a sanctuary that seats about a thousand we don't we do not have a but the ability to have overflow in and the rest of the building because we just don't have close circuit television so we couldn't have overflow rents but but we can see people safely with the district of the social distancing and we can have about a hundred and twenty maximum so we were close to maximum last Sunday but I believe will be and so if we have people show up that can't tell me and we'll ask him to stay over and we'll have to services on Sunday and you're not Askin you're not making him come back we're encouraging them if they're if they have symptoms or if they're not comfortable you know some people are or elderly people they have some of the the the complications of of the disease you know that that be this and so forth and so on all the ones that they've listed over and over and we said if you're not comfortable coming to church feel free to watch online I don't feel like your second class member we in fact we encourage you to watch online but for all those of either that or healthy that you're feeling good you have no symptoms we want you to come if you want to come up with the Baathists Lee that's the best the best crowd as the ones that are eager to be there yeah indeed all right pastor John Greiner glorious wave church thank you for being our guest thank you for having me Michel presage you so much so I can hear you typing the email before I even read it maybe even before you started typing it Michael is a dangerous for people to gather don't you know it's no more dangerous to gather for church then it is for the mayor the county judge or any of the other politicians to gather in front of the camera with all of their heads of their department around it's no more dangerous for instance we talked to city councilman this morning in Houston they're still gathering for the city council meetings so wait a second you tell me you can gather for city council meetings but we can't gather for church so what you're saying is sometimes it's okay to risk it but not other times that's not in doubt we we've made that determined that the government officials have decided sometimes we can gather and sometimes we can't but he but you see the virus knows no hierarchy no titles it's either contagious or it's not but the moment we say this group can gather in this group can't seems to me we should have a better answer for that then well I'm the government and you're not and we allow so many different types of so many different enterprises to engage in their business but not the church there's a reason the first amendment is first and it's it's not just actually it's not just a freedom of religion as the pastor said it's freedom of assembly and we are too quick to give it up Michael everybody's going to get sick and this is going to be your fault no I didn't go to the church service I chose not to and you can choose not to but you see we don't have to fight to make sure that you have a right not to go to church we have to fight to make sure that you have a right to go to church and that's how it'll always be separation of church and state is not intended go back read the letter to Danbury it's not intended to keep the government to I'm sorry to keep the church out of government it was always ended in Jefferson laid this out very clearly to keep government out of church or in this case to keep the government from preventing worshippers from worship god bless America we were all going about doing things these days has changed but one thing that.

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