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This episode Matz podcast is Kylie sponsored by the open university. Now I the confession to make that may not go down. Well, with many of my lessons, I don't actually have a maths degree yet. I'm a closet economist. I know I know anyway, on my book, it lace for a long time has been to do a mass degree and given that moving into halls of residence for three years and partying like it's the year two thousand probably wouldn't go down a storm with my wife and newborn psalm. The open university has always appealed to me, the open university, actually celebrates its fiftieth birthday in two thousand nineteen conceived as a university of the air, I love that phrase made famous bites icon television programs of the nineteen seventies, the university has always embraced each technological innovation from VHS the DVD to the internet. And now smartphones to bring high quality. Distance learning to students throughout the UK Europe. I'm the world with over one hundred and fifty thousand students mostly studying part time often while they work the university support students through his open learning methodology, which combines excellent teaching materials support from dedicated shooter online, teaching and interaction with fellow students since he's found Dacian mathematics has been a central part of the universe. He's provisions on the open university master of science degree mathematics, was one of the earliest name degrees offered by the university. Now, this is my favorite bit students study out that own pace some just over two years. All this take six or more, an average students take around three to four years. And it's also possible to have breaks between modules the open university, actually, as many students who must teaches, as well as financial service professionals scientists engineers,.

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