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The north are in good shape as well. That includes 1, 28, 4, 95 and Route one. My King WBC's traffic on the three. This is definitely the type of weather where you really want to look out for symptoms of heat, stroke heat exhaustion If you're working outside It's going to be a couple more days of whether like we had out there today, very humid, very sticky and definitely coming close to record breaking at Logan Airport today, 97 degrees, tying the record tomorrow We could be gunning for a record at 99 degrees. So for the rest of the night, let's start there clear and humid alone near 76, or a C definitely getting a workout. Tomorrow, much like today. Sunny skies humid, hazy out there high in the upper nineties Feeling more like 105 degrees for most of us for your Wednesday, slightly better out there, mix of sun and clouds still sticky behind your 95 inland cooler at the coast, though, beaches if you've got the week off low eighties. Then on Thursday, the Heat advisory is expected to expire. We have some storms popping up humid out there, but not quite as hot with a high near 85. Right now, seeing temperatures near 89 in Athol, where 79 right now in New Bedford, 82 in Gloucester. Right now, in Boston. It is 75. It is 91 degrees, but it feels more like 101. A young man from Duxbury is expected to be arraigned tomorrow in Plymouth District Court. He's facing charges connected to that drowning overnight at Island Creek Pond at this point, prosecutors have not told us what 19 year old Jack Callahan is accused of police in Duxbury, getting a call around two a.m. from a mother who said her 19 year old son came home and said his father was missing. Victim later pulled from the water taken to a nearby hospital. He was pronounced dead and he has not been identified..

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