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That is a good quite well because I have talked them giving tomorrow for the Canadian Cancer Society. So there's been a lot of like preparations, but. My girlfriend, and I are going to take Saturday off which is gonna be my first day off in in a long time. And we're going to go for a hike and just be out in the woods. And it kinda worked out really well because the talk for the Canadian Cancer Society is up at this retreat center, and and we had wanted to go camping this weekend. But as you can tell it's quite cold here. Guys Atlanta now is like to Seattle actually warmer there. So anyway, the guy I I had a meeting with him last night just kind of overview what I was going to do. And he's like, hey, by the way, we have these cabins, and you you and your girlfriend can just have one if you guys want to hang out. And so so so it's kind of fell into my into my lap. So universal like you need some self care time. Here's a cabin, and my girlfriend is amazing it and like she's just incredible it living in. Moment, and and kind of finding that balance and that self care, and and she's a good influence on me for sure. Yeah. I'm really happy that that you found her yet. I feel like there's there's, you know, I'm one of those people that like I'm super diligent with going to the gym and eating really, well and all those things and like an all of that is is self care. But there's also it's also like super officiant. You know, it's like it's still like trying to win it everything. And so although I have kind of shifted my gym thing a little bit where. Last like month, especially when it's been so busy, no matter. What's happening in my life? I never stopped going to the gym. I just decided that you know, like Brock Obama would would like work out like every morning and one of my favorite Kenyan. Politicians name is Jack Layton and he passed away, but the some of the business people on earth. They don't compromise that part of their routine. And so I know I don't compromise that so I've been having this moment where right before I walk into the gym. I'm like this is for me. And then I enjoy it so much, you know, and like people always tried to get me like join running clubs or like. No, no, no, no, no. Like, I have no mandate. I don't wanna like train for something. And then chief it and then stopped doing it was like this is their appeal for me. This is self care. But still I feel like I need this other layer of time where I'm. I'm just focused on being just being exactly just being. That's exactly. So it's kind of like the difference between going for a walk or going for a run. Like, obviously you run. It's great, you feel awesome. But when you go for a walk. There's this a different pace. There's a different mindset to it. There's just a different comfort to it. And so I need to go for more walks. I like I like that you say that this is for me. That's a good reminder to like literally verbally even say to yourself before going into doing anything like south care wise, like picture myself stepping into a bubble bath. This is for me. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's good. I'm glad that you have this cabin coming up and your time to just be and they also get to share it with your partner. Joe default beautiful thing. What how if people wanna like contact you if they wanna like CEO where can I find you Peter? Well, I'm on the I'm on the interwebs, Peter cats music and in Canadian that's K A Z, K tease, Ed in no way. No, katie's Z is American Katie said is Canadian so. Yeah. So Pierre cats music, Peter dot com. Them coming out. So yes by the time, this is released as album will come out if you weeks. A few months. Yes. So I just I just finished it. But it's it's I feel like it's the album of my lifetime. I'm so proud of it. And I worked on it for three years. So we're going to set it up really properly. So it'll it'll be out in twenty nineteen..

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