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I don't think in a arrogant way but I get more confident about it. Sounds strange counterintuitive. I know how much I don't know when you're young. You think you know a lot more than you do now and as you get older. You're so you're aware of how much I don't know and you relax into it as well said that's really nice. Very nice. Let last question. What Book Changed Your Life? Wow Man would. That's I'm GonNa go with dianetics around Hubbard. Suddenly it got really quiet and Alan. I'd like like you to come with me. There's a meeting we're having thank you. Yes I'd like to be hooked up to the machine. Yeah Yeah Hook you up to a machine. I man that I am hard pressed to say you know. I don't know that is unfair. I don't know that I can say say I love books. I don't know that I can say one book that change my let. I will say a book that was very important to me is the most of Most of S J Perelman which was a collection of essays. And I my dad add loved S J Perelman and so I read it and realize this is really funny really funny and this guy is very smart and these were written in the thirties and the forties and it had some great images in it just terrific images and very funny. I remember reading. That and thinking thinking comedy is something smart people can do Children died. I've noticed that. Yeah I'm so glad you came Minnie for this is This is You kidding this is a pleasure Real pleasure for me and I will love to come back again or maybe we continue you this on my show. Yeah I'll get back out here to New York and we'll hook you up to the machine. I'll start insulting your hair and we'll see how you end up doing doing the cell. Oh there's enough for me to work with. Thanks so much thanks so much. This is great really great. Thank you this has been clear and vivid. At least they hope so. This episode was made possible by presenting sponsor discovered all the income from the ADS. You here go to the Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. Just by listening to this podcast. You're contributing to the better communication of science. So thank you for more information about the Santer. Please visit all the center dot Org Conan is one of the great witch of our time and these assesment amazing team of people around who help support his TV show his podcast and of course Conan Without Borders to find out all the ways. You can get your Coenen fixed. VISIT TEAM COCO DOT com. This episode was edited and produced by our executive producer. reducer Graham shed with help from our executive producer Sarah Chase and our associate producer. Jean Shimane are sound. Engineers Dammed Zulu our tech guru is Alison Causton and our publicist Sara Hill. You can subscribe to our podcast for free at apple podcasts. Stitcher stitcher or wherever you listen and don't forget you can always say Alexa. Play clear and vivid on Apple podcasts. For more details about clear and vivid and to sign up for my newsletter please visit Alan alda dot com. You can also find us on facebook instagram and linked in at clear and vivid. I'm on twitter at Alan Lowell. Thanks for listening. We started something new on clear and vivid. It's called Patriae Freon and it allows you to directly support US engage with us in a much closer way if you visit Patriot dot com slash clear and vivid. What you'll find for as little as two dollars a month listeners of clear and vivid can get exclusive behind the scenes access? You can find video extra content bonus this episode's and all sorts of fun stuff including behind the scenes pictures and for those of you who have seven questions of your own for Mr Alan Alda. You might find some answers there too so now you don't have to subscribe for as little as two dollars a month to keep listening to the show. You can continue to listen to the show and supporters by hearing the ADS. But you can get all this extra material if you do decide to become a subscriber and most importantly your patronage directly funds are work at the oldest center for communicating unicating science. Give Patriot try that's Patriot on dot com slash. Clear and vivid bye bye..

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