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I know, I know, I know, I know it sounds silly, but seriously, a donut, to finding the best donut shop in Los Angeles. There's a place in I believe it's echo park no, it's ego rock. Anyway, there's a place called donut friend. And it's worth the drive. They make the best donuts, I think, in LA. And I would get a donut or two, have my headphones, right? So I'm listening to perhaps the cure. Depeche Mode, something that reminds me of a good time in my life. So whether it's high school summer camp, you know, something that is nostalgic, something that brings me back, you will catch me blasting Madonna's borderline or holiday old school Madonna from the 80s while I'm writing this giant road glide hardly. And the images interesting because people in harleys don't roll up, especially Harley's with radios blasting Madonna. But I do. And I do that because nothing takes you back faster than music, you know? And so going back to the sample of a donut, and you're not having 15 donuts, right? That's not an actor. That's numbing. Having a donut listening to a song that takes you back to a good place, a happy place, and just being super mindful and present, you know? And so tasting the donut with the zipper coffee, listening to whatever it is that brings you back. And Talking Heads. A talking head song. Thompson twins. Man, I could go way back. But sitting in that. And then trying to get out of your head and be mindful and enjoy as a practice, right? So I'm using that as an example because it's so simple. It's a song and a donut, right? And for most people, that's just whatever, that's not gonna bring them joy.

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