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There's just some matches. You see where you go? Okay. You know, run that one back we got to see that again. And not only that we'll get a different outcome. I'm sure of it and our gamblers are willing to bet on this. And I don't know why. I don't know why you'll tell me if you feel it just didn't have that same feeling in does that mean if they were gonna fight again, I wouldn't sit down and watch. And we have great discussion. It's no not. There was something about it. The decisiveness how I didn't wanna see Rhonda in there with Amanda again in this fight was only six seconds longer. There was something about it. That just wasn't calling for immediate rematch. The other side of the coin if Amanda is to rematch. Well, the what happens at one thirty five. We got you got to get on with it. We've seen that with every champion most recently as Saturday with Daniel Cormie being stripped of his title or relinquishing the title as he would like to say and just keep the heavyweight for everybody has to do that Connor verses? Eddie Connors, gotta let one forty five title. So something has to happen. That's all I'm saying to you in. It would seem as though Amanda was to return to one thirty five and get get involved in this whole home and Aspen lad, business that you're talking about that there is a big question of what's going to happen to one forty five. Because now let's say that Amanda gives up one fortieth doesn't do the rematch goes back to thirty five gives up on forty five. Does that mean your next fight is cyborg versus somebody? Maybe Megan somebody though for the vacated championship. It would now be vacated. You can do all of these things they just all feel a little bit off. And so it opens to conversation that is the most likely thing should cyborg not come back to the title. Why why is it that as soon as somebody wins two belts? All we wanna do is take about away from always I have. I have no idea that doesn't make any sense to me, man. Amanda, there isn't women's women's fighting his come on miles, and they are doing they're doing wonderful. But the reality is that's not a really big pool short. Okay. So build the pool bring some people in there's a gal there's a gal. I just watched last night from on the PF L named Kyla Harrison who is a hammer. Two time Olympic gold. Jude Judeo medalists gold medallist two times. She's smoking people. Let's go. Let's go get her over in the mix. Don't give up on the division and don't give up on women and quit taking everybody's belts away. That's stupid. It doesn't happen in boxing. I don't I'm saying. I mean, why the very first thing. The very first thing is well we..

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