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And I was Winstar. It's a great team that that's been able to put together a ride like this. You know, from the time that we broke them on the farm, the horse, many of the teams hands and then got into Rudolph hand the Keeneland and he got him to Bob Baffert and obviously in one hundred eleven days from the time he broke his time, he a triple crown when it was numbly -able ride, hopefully we can get a chance to be on something even closely similar to that. But you know, to be around the horse like that, it's it's honestly wants to lifetime opportunity and a great opportunity that that Mr. trial and Elliott where we're able to allow everybody to be part of. So he felt in really well here since since he was retired, still had a little bit more of life. He's gonna find out about. Being breached dallying. So that's the coming in the next couple of months. But you know, we got tours here six days five, six days a week through horse country that that any fan can sign up for and have the opportunity to come out and see them. So we were, that's valuable. I believe it's like eleven thirty and one thirty, you know, five or six days a week. You can go to Horace country tours dot com and have paternity come out and him thown. So it was just remarkable ride that, you know everybody's going to have their stories about where they were winning won this race and that race. And so those are lifetime memories than I can say. I've been in in all three when foes gyp crown. That's great. Stop. I still think you know, Sean. I still think I should get extra credit for that. Good luck round bought you lot at Peter Luder the night before the Belmont. I still, I think that I think I think I might get sneak myself on one of those tours as as a thank you for that. I, I believe that you know, that door's always open for you when you're in Lexington. Excellent. Can't wait to get back out there. All right pipes. We're over time, but I do want. I know you are the king of the grand slam. I'm going to be playing whatever grand slam ticket you give out playing tomorrow. Who are we using in the ninth? Tenth eleventh, let's do it. And here we go. We're starting. We're starting with the Florida. We're gonna use wit more well, okay, he's good enough to win on. He always comes with his late wrong. Topi can pick up enough piece to hit the board in the Imia chore dancer Robinson, Sadler's joy think he's very logical. They hit the board on. Fortunately, he's probably gonna go favorites on, but I have to chalk out in that leg. And in the Travers, I'm gonna go three deep. Let's go gronkowski king Zachary and cap with boy. Hopefully we can get good matching or wonder, go off the board and will close it out with a raving beauty and Proctor's.

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