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Say if you convert fifty percent of your two point conversions is worth it fifty percent it's worth it will why not do an even than three ball in the nba teams before the houston rockets before the golden state warriors they new year we probably be shooting more threes it's just that nobody wants to be the first because if it blows up in your face wanting to become chip kelly think you're smarter than everybody and he becomes sam hanky you think you're smarter than everybody but what we saw game kappler do today i mean this is what baseball people who really know what they're talking about this they've been saying for like a decade like a decade throw your best reliever when you need outs the most not just when the game's about the end so i don't know if maybe this is a dip your toes in the water is baby steps be i would really like to see the way that sarangani dominguez was deployed today i really like to see that'd be the soft launch for something that you see for the foreseeable future let's be honest like phillies bullpen it ain't great any terrible but it ain't great it would be one thing if you had another guy who was it your best reliever buick another guy who you could trust on a comparable level phillies don't have that the phillies don't have that guy today so sixthinning seventhinning eighth inning why wait until the ninth inning to go ahead and get those out and maybe for gave kappler who he's not joe madden won a world series he's not tony larussa at least not yet he doesn't have charlie manual he doesn't have that type of equity buildup that he can start to do stuff like that but i would say this i would say this.

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