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Yeah if anything be people learned that there's a lot more to coffee than first meets the eye so you've got all sorts of things to experiment with right now robusta aerobic oh light medium dark alternatives unit so adele thanks for coming on the show and for those you're listening in i'm ben greenfield and adele mussa of versity signing out from ben greenfield fitness dot com have an amazing week hey don't go away don't go away because you can get coffee the same pure coffee that i drink every day we start with the healthiest possible green beans we test or ganic coffees from all over the world to find the green beans with the highest antioxidant levels we actually look at each being to select beings that are not even shipped so again extremely even roast there's near zero defects in any of our beings less than three percent of the coffee on the face of the planet is organic but this kion coffee is organic which means it's more liver protective it's more health promoting then nonorganic coffee we roast it to perfection so you're getting rid of the acrylamide your decrease in the level of carcinogens and also at the same time we give you the highest levels of healthy phytochemicals will limiting excessive caffeine because it's this nice medium blonde roast all of its grown sustainably it's handpicked it's hand selected we have direct relationships with the farmers this is the best coffee that exist period oh and by the way it never contains mold we tested every single other coffee out there for sixty different types of mold some.

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