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About cringe. Aries cringe injuries from work at 1 800 to 831 on 1.5, its to 18, New Jersey Fast traffic. Just getting word of a new wreck here on the Garden State Parkway Colbun into the Woodbridge area. It's just before you get down to the Driscoll Bridge. They've got a left lane blocked in a lot of tough traffic here, coming down from the colonia rest area Now expect delays to if you're hopping on the Coton Parkway off the turnpike from interchange 11. And also now slow coming down to 87 cm traffic exit five through three and then again it gets tough on 24 40 back out to the parkway. We've got delays on 4 40 in the opposite direction. If you're entering New Jersey it's been busy at the outer Bridge crossing. And elsewhere in the Garden State Parkway slowdowns from Essex into Union County. More delays from kennel worth into Cranford. And then starting to see some more volume here into parts of Mama, an Ocean county south of 192105, and it gets busy again from exit. 91 down to 89 expect some volume heading into Tom's River out toward seaside heights on route 37. We've got a lot of stopping going 36 into the sea Bright area. And more volume entering the state off the Walt Whitman. That's been a very busy ride on the 76 delays right down onto the 42 freeway across the Hudson 10 minutes apiece at the Holland Lincoln Tunnels in about 10 to 15 of George. This report is sponsored by lows lows as your go to for great gardening values every day. Select bag mulch is now just 2 88, a bag selection and product availability vary by location while supplies last US only. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report to 33 from the all American Auto Group Traffic Desk. I'm Jeff from on New Jersey. One at 1.5 Start your work Day With Bill Spadea. First news. Traffic, an instant weather every one of my findings. Looking for a quick food break that won't break the bank. Well, hey, guess what, You found it. You see.

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