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Claus Lisa waltz so please there's no way I'd rather be but right here presenting these classic radio so with you dressed like the lights in she's got her little black boots on that right and I had my big jelly belly yeah you might need to go on a diet actually I need to go on a diet gosh wait till after the holidays yeah I guess so all right well time now for Boston Blackie and this character was created by Jack oil the writer who is actually in San Quentin prison when he created the character he was in prison for robbery and he decided to create a character that was a robber and he went to jail and then he was rehabilitated in jail came out and then was a good guy and help the police solve crimes but the police always wondered if maybe he was straying back to his ways of being a Robert so they would kind of wonder if he was still the bad guy was always really interesting because inspector Faraday's suspected Blackie but here was Blackie always trying to help inspector Faraday and he knew he needed to solve the crime before inspector ferret a pen that ana so it's semi autobiographical is yeah and so this character was very popular in novels at first then were silent films with Boston Blackie and then they hire Chester Morris for for teen films which were all talkies for Columbia Pictures beginning in nineteen.

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