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Looking to build a beautiful presence in Hungary and. On the chocolate map of exporting high-quality chocolate. Then just as the company was taking off again. He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. He died in may. His wife Ranya. Now, find solace in the Budapest boutique, they built together it's making me feel that. And it makes me closer to him. What's closer to him? And this is the only way for her eyes fill with tears them away. There's work to do. The shop is full in serious legendary chocolate here is expanding to Paris for NPR news. I'm Joanna kakissis in Budapest and it's morning edition from NPR news. You're listening to WNYC at seven fifty. I'm shumita Basu coming up on morning edition. Parents of children who are mentally ill and violent are sometimes forced to make the unthinkable decision to give up custody. I mean, I love my son was the only way we figured we could keep the family safe. We'll have that story coming up in about fifteen minutes. morning trains are cancelled on New Jersey transit. There are delays on the Long Island railroad Babylon branch and the vehicle collision on the lower level of the George Washington Bridge is.

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