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The us will leave the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal president trump is moving fast to reimpose sanctions on tehran the fact is this was a horrible onesided deal that should have never ever been made mostly negative reaction from top allies but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu gives the move the thumbs up since the deal we've seen aggression grow every day in iraq and lebanon in yemen in gaza and most of all in syria iran is trying to establish military bases from which to attack israel britain france and germany had lobbied president trump to stay in the agreements and work toward a side deal to address his concerns european union policy chief federica marguerite union will remain committed to the continued full and effective implementation of the nuclear deal iran says it will negotiate with the remaining nations warning that it could restart uranium enrichment within weeks cbs news update i'm jim shanavie kcbs news time one thirty two uber's ceo dara khosro shahi is really new details about the company's flying car head of their uber elevate summit cbs's beyond a goal or dream spoke with the ceo about the future of urban air transportation and the possible safety concerns we've all been there stuck in bumper to bumper traffic just wishing that we could fly over the congestion will now uber says that dream can turn into reality with uber air imagine flying instead of driving to your destination at up to two hundred miles.

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