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Seven eight if you'd like to leave us a message about our twenty fifth year twenty-five years on the air we'll be happy to play him next week and Thank you all so much for your support. Speaking of Moravian. We're on facebook. Live last Monday night talking about our upcoming tour to Israel. If you miss that and I know a number of our listeners tuned in live and I really do appreciate it. If you missed listed you can find that archived on our facebook page facebook dot com slash Israel. Our Mayor Avenue. I spent about a half hour talking about her upcoming tour to Israel. So if you have any questions perhaps they were answered in that video. Check that out on our facebook page also on our website. My Israeli music dot com the other day we published a list of the songs of two thousand nineteen. The top fifty songs played on the radio in two thousand nineteen very very much devoid of women for the most part. Israeli radio is playing far more men than women and I mean by a lot of all the details on our website my Israeli music dot com. And you can also read about what Israel's plans are for your vision. Twenty twenty one. They're going back Well they're getting rid of Hukou. Kava the reality show. That is is breaking ratings records this year but they're going in a different direction for twenty twenty one to choose the contestant for Israel. Check that out. Find out all you need to know at my Isreaeli Music Dot Com. It's our pre addition of Israel our radio and every year Israel releases some new songs. Some of them are very traditional all and really stick to lyrics. We know in love like the song you just heard from ho-shik licorice others are a little less traditional. This is low no catch at Hilo Hawaii with Hannukah Shell Gucci Gucci Gushing boots congestion. I should have let me die. WON'T GUCCI LOUIS B but do Sheen's Tano cussin' Gucci Gushing Butch Ano- Okasha Gucci. Gone final. Input David boy.

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