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Him as captain america's sprints away. The children asked their grandfather. Do you know him and he replies. We all know him <hes> so that would have been nice school silly not to include that unless it was. Maybe maybe just maybe two hammy like yeah i could. I tried to kind of edit around it and just nods to. It's too much. It's filmed. Maybe it came down to like. They had the mount with the cops out in new york. Cops was still pretty relevant then honoring them those men <hes> maybe they didn't wanna kinda similar scenes. This is something i always like in film <hes> at iran but to our market this movie when the missile is released over manhattan the pilot detonation in two minutes and thirty seconds sequence between detonation is three minutes and thirty seconds of film time editing stuff because you know otherwise. No you know what i mean in the final in credit seen captain america is the only one not eating eighteen hours because chris evans going to buzz cat and grad his bid off of this movie was done filming. It was calling to do this extra sane and refused to shape up his bid judah filming snipe at the time yeah well. This was actually put together. During the premiere of the film i think because that was the only time that they were oughta. Give parts post production and just wait and just wanted to throw these these saint did not appear in original premiere of the film during the premio. The costs were in the same place at the same time just waiting put them all together quickly at the last minute shot them and it's just yes that very basic shot of their meeting and yeah chris evans has a bead so yes is to cover it up and gave him a prosthetic jaw and he holds his hand over his face because the prosthetic made him look like he'd been attacked by angry bees. He also unable to eat talk. Walk with a prosthetic on weekdays is also very clearly visible in certain shots of the same as well site yeah. Look we know it's there. You can't help but look really really a bit hits a post credit sane at the very end. It's doesn't mean anything it's just a bit of fun does every model film something like this by the way i meet a northern oh well night count the clink clink clink. When did it start though i i'm has the while want to talk to you about the initiative shift ben amid credit or a credit. I feel like in spain at least if it's not been in movies now being retrofitted because at the end of incredible hulk tiny shows up yet and has a chat chat to him and then it's definitely being everyone yeah i believe so josh wade and explain that two of the founding avengers members ant man in the boss were cut from the script because the film had too many and he characterised good also the screenwriters didn't want atman in the marvel cinematic universe until his movie was released. Yeah i'm so glad because they wouldn't cost paul rod then yeah and dan he's perfect man..

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