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Your Twitter handle at sea? Dempsey 55. All right. You know what Twitter is at Chris? A Dempsey. Chris. A DNC, right? It was something to the Denver post years ago. Yeah, well right now, Okay. One of the show that we did hope. Yeah. One that you've got Twitter handle for the fun fact I convinced Christa join to join Twitter. Not that he wasn't going to, but we did it that day. Uh, yeah, I think I'm seeing us back Now. Look at you. Look at us now. You got him his tweets. What got him Hired by altitude. Um s O looking at these nuggets and Chris covers the Nuggets on altitude is a nana list. An insider. And you talked about the fatigue on the other side. They've got some new additions, I think might help mitigate that to some degree right. Whether it's Will Barton coming back. You wouldn't call it a new edition but a shot in the arm because he wasn't part of what happened down in the bubble. Michael Porter Jr taken another step, and one thing I thought about the Nuggets run. In the bubble and certainly the pluses there quality death. It was a good problem for Michael Malone have to figure out how to get everyone Ministry, Monte Morris and Murray and hair and obviously, we're benching Murray. But when you have more bodies, and then you have space for Could be a problem in the playoffs. But in the regular season, that could be a really nice thing to rely on when you're playing every other night. Like you said here once they get into the meat of the season Yeah, There's no doubt about that. So if you know a couple of things one you have guys like technology. Volvo is for all intensive purposes. A new player. I mean, he did play a little bit in the bubble, but he hasn't played a full embassies in, um at all. So you're adding him into the mix. Fuckindo composite was a guy that Certainly has done a lot of attention, and I think he'll play a little bit form when when you're talking about getting deeper into the bench. Isaiah Hartenstein is a player that they brought over from the Houston Rockets to replace Mason Plumlee, who is not with the Detroit Pistons. I mean, he has been a very energy of light, just a lot of energy she puts out on the court so You're right. And then you know, Part two is that the MBA expanded the active rosters for each game's to 15 players. So you're going to be able to, um, you know, really go deep into the bench and really have contributions from a lot of guys. Which which, which is going to allow some of your regular players to dial back the minute sometimes, especially if games getting to blow out no matter if you're doing it if the Nuggets of the team doing the blowing out or if they're getting blown out. You can get some of your regulars off the court, get some of the other guys and experience while also getting some of the regulars. Rest is well, so I think you're right. You know the newcomers, plus the expanded active rosters on the day of games. It's gonna help a lot of teams. I think you'll see the Lakers use that a lot that we saw them use a lot of players yesterday in their game against the L. A Clippers and so Um, I expected nuggets to do that. And as you said, they do have some players that really want empire to the bubble experience that are going to have fresh legs. Will Barton is a player they really could have used in the playoffs when it was all said and done, Um, but he's back and healthy and looking really good. And you're right. So I mean for him. You know, until he played a preseason game. The last organized NBA game he played was much 11th. So he's had a long rest. He should be fine. Michael Porter Jr. Super Young and he's very eager about the opportunity to play a lot. A lot more. So I think he'll be fine as well. Monte Morris with the new contract, so you have some guys that are young legs, eager legs, and then you have some guys who are adding to the mix. And so the Nuggets should be able to mitigate some of that, just by mixing in in those guys in the rotation in a way that keeps everybody arrested. Chris down, chief around to your TV with us here for a couple more minutes. Nuggets and Kings tonight from ball Arena seven o'clock tip off, and hopefully you have Ah, way to see it. If not, hopefully we'll figure that out here soon, or it'll get figured out. Soon. I know I do because I have directive. So there's that you mentioned Fuckindo capaz. Oh, and maybe it's good news for Argentina in my dad's from Argentina. I was a little more excited than you see him start playing in games. You see the highlights, but you see him start playing in games here for the Nuggets. I know that with Monte Morris and Jamal Murray. They dream about a lot of minutes for him if everyone's healthy, but he's a really, really exciting player with certainly a unique flair for the game. Yeah, There's no doubt about it, and he's got this interesting thing that when I look at him, you know, you see the highlights. You see these, you know, putting the ball around. Another guy's around another guy and then, like, task it It's like watching the Globetrotters. Some of these, uh you know, some of the some of these highlights with him in it. He also plays a very fundamental style of basketball. So you like he the reason why his flair what works is because it comes from the fundamental space. It's not just going out and just flying out there and just doing whatever. Now you're turning the ball over all the time, and I think to me that's what I appreciate most about his game. Um, In addition to that You know, when he got into training camp, you know, you started to hear some of the players talk about how feisty and hey was defensively. Defense was kind of what we're most people were kind of worried about about him. But then you started hearing some of reports and some of the players Basically saying, Man this guy gets after it is it's not easy to get where you want to go. If Goku is guarding you, and so you know, it really does speak to his competitive nature as well. Um, just thank God he spoke about him. Ah lot actually on a podcast. I was just listening to recently because Jeff Van Gundy was coaching a U. S team in the You know, people basketball term and they played against Saku in Argentina. And so he had a very vivid memories of what pocket looks like against the team that he was coaching on. Basically one of the things that he just said was, he's just such. Ah, competitors like he plays with so much fire. Um, that you know, the Nuggets are gonna love that. And so, you know, you're right, though. I mean, you know for fuck you. It's It's a numbers game. And even if you're talking about moving guards around like puzzle pieces, you still talking to Mom, Mary Gary Harris. D J. Dozier Monte Morris. I mean, it's just a lot of guards on the team, and so for fuck, who is gonna be, uh, a situation where he played a lot in Spain for his for Real Madrid. But that's not going to be the case Early on, at least what the Nuggets while they kind of sort out what he could do who he can do it best with out there on the basketball court, but make no mistake. So many fucking highlights are coming this year once he gets on the court All right, then..

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