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Get heather heather will transfer you to engine eight hundred nine two eight four zero zero one you can give her a call I I've got I I spent a lot of time getting coached crazy entrepreneurs have to have somebody who encourage them and one of my one of our mantras if you will is the is the tri factor I used to teach the students at Purdue Angie you will be to seventy percent of the people if you do these three things okay you heard me say them before do you remember what they are now K. because that's because I save many things I don't know so this is the this is the mantra that we have from strategic coach number one say please and thank you thank you ever shop at the financial hands my group and somebody is rude to you or treat you like a number I will go and yell back crazy grew very very quickly I love our our thing at north you the church that I go to it says that that everybody there you numbers matter because everybody every number has a name every name has a story every story matters to god say please and thank you just be polite people deserve that nobody should be destroyed like a number you are unique the second one is is show up on time you say you're gonna be somewhere at nine that does not mean nine thirty right show up on time and then the third one is always do each day you're gonna do so and you said Joe we promised to have this segment on the show and that means we're having this segment on the show this conversation about gifting even though we're past Christmas we do our best to fulfill our Kerr our our our commitment to go ahead and show that aired back on December twenty eighth which you can go back and get that and listen to.

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