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I know. Tyler Molly is taken a step forward this year another one hundred green in the pipeline, and you still have Louise Castio still have sunny gray. What do you got? It's better than Trevor Bauer. And Louise Castio is still years away from free agency. He's GonNa get a pay raise this year. He's not going to break the bank. He's not gonNA make. Trevor Bauer. Tight money in your one of arbitration. The sunny great deal. We loved it when they signed him because it was a team friendly contract right going to average it about ten. Mil. Tyler Malley still isn't making any money hunter green here. Next year isn't going to be making any money. So decent chance you're GONNA Knock Anthony these companies money off the books Wade Majlis eight million next year as manageable. The sum of all their salaries for their starting pitchers I don't think he's going to be that huge in that exorbitant that you can't justify giving Trevor Bauer whatever the dollar figure is I don't know if it's twenty, five million I don't know if it's thirty million I don't know if it's forty two I don't know. I duNNo. I just know that if a big part of this off season, let's say the reds get to the playoffs, but they don't win the world series. And then we spend the off season going okay. How do they build on getting to the postseason but not winning the world series? Leading a guy walk who was a big reason why you got to the postseason assuming they do letting guy walk who was a reason why you maybe WanNa series in the postseason I, think that's going to be tough man. I think that's going to be hard. by the way, there is there is something about Trevor Bauer beyond just executing pitches that I think right now matters a little bit. This dude connects with people. This guy wants to pitch and big games this guy has shown and maybe this is why it's going to get done. This guy has shown. A degree of affection to this city that in a town like this man people just latch onto. And it feels organic and it feels not contrived. That dude I watched last.

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