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The Austin theory stuff was going to be short term. It went a little bit longer than they expected. They tried it out. Then they're like This isn't working. Let's move over to seth he'd be perfect in that role and the way that it just played out on television. This past Monday was just awkward and strange to me. I didn't have a problem with the way it played out. Because it's the same kind of way they played out with Buddy Murphy. You Buddy lost the match to allaster. Really frustrated sat up there at ringside and seth drug into that match when they had was the bare fist match with a street. Fight man wherever it was the fist. Fight you know he got you know kind of drug into that so I I did have a problem with how they did it but to me. I'm looking going is this. Are we back to like almost like stereotypical staples like all right? Awesome theory can be was Selena and andrade a an angel because he's not Hispanic so we gotta move them to seth and buddy because they're Caucasian but he can't be with MVP because he's African American like we have a Hispanic stable a Caucasian stable to black stable. Like if if we if they bouches gave back to raw impairment Kyrie and Oscar like is just I I I I I. I liked Austin with Zelina in her crew because he hasn't really come into his comfort zone as a character in a talker on. Wb yet so having her as the mouthpiece works and it was kind of giving him a little bit of Flair to his character because Andrade and edelgard cares matic in Atlanta's at times But on paper this move makes a ton of sense because he can be. You know that apprentice to seth raw. Seth is pay. Play a Messiah Business. Sift Lord if you're a star wars fan and now this is like you know young anikin learning from the emperor in a lot of ways so I didn't mind the move but you're right like the way the movements went into the cycle was kind of odd and weird You know kicked out a one group of brought into other group and there's no baby face turn like just Heels don't like them but these other heels do like him so he'll fit right in so it was just. It was a weird movements by. Didn't hate it because it made a lot sense. It seems like you're going through it and you're like man. It was okay it makes sense but I don't hate it but I do kind of because it straight. Yeah it was a well. It's it's on paper if you're if you're creating stables and you go oh you got if we got these three heels in Seth Awesome Buddy. They do look like they would fit together. You know but when you have Austin with the Hispanic Group and you Hispanic prison rules you like when you walk into prison. You GotTa pick a side that you're going to be on is like well. These guys beat him up. But we'll take a Krizan yard rules when it comes to these staples on raw and then the last thing here. Another typically for what's what's good and there's parts of it that that is good but all in all I don't know what the point of these segments are. What is the deal with the Viking Raiders? Treat prophets thing White men can't jump and I. It's weird I don't know. Did they watch old MR perfect videos and they were like. Hey we could have. These two baby-faced tight teams compete in these random events. I don't know if you're older. You remember when they used to have The network battle of the stars. Yes and it would be like the stars of ABC present. It is random weird events is kind of like VAT. But it's just like we don't really want either teen to turn heel because we kind of need to top baby face tag team so we'll have them in these sporting endeavors. Where once again very stereotypical the you know. The black guys play basketball. The white vikings axes very stereotypical. You know but I really have hated every moment of these things because I'm like just let these guys fight is what they do. You don't have to always have a reason for guys to fight the TAG team. Titles should be reason enough for people's compete for them. I just think that they're doing this to add charisma to the characters of the Viking raiders. And they don't need it like let them just be bad asses. Lsd didn't need to do something silly and this is just one of those deals. Where I feel like Debbie is like forcing their booking ways creative ways onto a pretty good act. That was. Viking raiders. Scared over your dark side of the ring The season finale. This past week was the final days of Owen. Hart it's an incredibly emotional episode and I think the Owen for Dodo Hall of fame. Talk will probably end now after you. We hear why the family doesn't want him in the hall of fame. At least that's how I felt. I don't know if you've got a chance to see a doctor trae but Just a great hour long documentaries as all the dark side of the rings war. Yeah I have not washing here because I got caught up and everything else. I am fully comp analyses into except for the finale but on the heels of of sheds passing and kind of knowing where this was going to because I had heard on Jericho show that Owen son was gone beyond their and everything else. I emotionally Was it able to deal with it yet so I am going to watch it this weekend but from everybody watching the you did. That's incredibly emotional. Credibly moving and just a great piece of story. let's get into NFC. We'll talk a little. Awa dynamite even predict a ww? Nothing here momentarily. We saw fantasma advancing to the finals of the Annex Seekers Way Championship tournament by defeating occur. Zaghawa later. In the night we saw Drake Mavericks Accordingly. Defeat Cossiga In Group A it was an incredible match and great storytelling Now we're GONNA have because Shivers Jake Atlas versus Drake. Maverick in a triple threat match This upcoming edition of Annex. Cv in the winner. Will Face Fantasma finals the interim NFC Champ Got Way Championship tournament? The Maverick because she to match gluttony check it out. I mean maverick really played it well by like no. I'm not tapping out and the referee saying this is on you. You GotTa break your arm here and and you could see because she didn't want to break his arm and just want him to tap out great storytelling. It was great. Dr Trae the maverick Ashida Masters problem my favorite match. I saw this past week. Yeah fantastic match in what's again. It's kind of amazing how much they're pushing the storyline with him. Not under contract is for one. I was actually amazed of how much they push. Drake Jake Atlas in his turning basic coming out of nowhere but to have him being pushed drake being pushed. And kind of the re. Push of Kushida. While you're also pushing fantasma like they've really elevated four cruiserweight guys is unfortunate that maybe the most charismatic one of the entire group is actually not contract right now which is kind of a blemish on w. e. for this to happen and then some of the things. I really enjoyed permanancy this past week and once again the camera grimes vignette where talks about defeating Finn. Baylor on last week's next. He is so hateful that he's enjoyable to watch and he's just a guy that I think if the crowd was there man he'd be one of your top heels and annexed here right now. There's some special there with Cameron Grimes. I'm really enjoying this stuff. He would be so over with that crowd like an emmy. Not The level chop wasn't Ciampa came back after you know the year off with the knee injury but just that he'll annoying. Yes but but the same time you appreciate. Yes how good he is is is kind of like yours is love for Ms. When we're having a talking smack like the the normal crowd hated him. But people like me like yeah. He's a total dig. But I love it and that's where we're kind of with Cameron. Grimes where you're like. He's so good in the ring and he's getting so annoying that you're just like I hate him but I love him. Is this weird fascination and the top hat because I have one basically almost just like it. I I love that aspect as well and then Roger Trunk defeated. Dexter loomis with an post-match Lewis's choking out broddrick strong undisputed heir tries to break it up until the velvety injury make save dream doesn't elbow drop and I use Air quotations here based off the way they use camera angles Adam Cole to the outside. I like this segment. I was surprised that Lewis lost and I'm also surprised that Lewis has been working as a baby face right now because this is a guy that would be really over as a he'll Faults here on the whole Dexter loomis velveteen dream undisputed heir stuff. I kind of think this is a way for them to set up Louis Dream because I still I think loomis dream when that viewed kicks off will be so good because of the differences in those characters and how the Lewis character would work with his characters so methodical when you have a character like dreams. Who's so outlandish? Those ones usually kind of Mesh up. Pretty well So it's weird that they have Louis working baby phase. Although I think is kind of like I said a placeholder for that but Wasn't surprised that loomis lost only because you can't have. Roddy lose everyday a match. I X always kind of that guy who's GonNa have the great matching but you know. Put his opponent over Because you can't have call losing and Riley and Fisher kind of tactic so wasn't surprised at it but it just feels awkward like in a Lotta ways like at us on paper. You're at going. How how a dream and Luma's actually be friends in in real life because in wrestling world wheel? Whatever but I do think this is Kevin set up for a loomis dream viewed once we kind of get the crowds back or we can kind of his baby face views going up all right. Let's get into the Saturdays Eight. Wwe nothing Predictions We'll give our predictions here and then obviously we will recap this show on next week's S Rt. You on May the twenty eighth. Let's get to the pre show match your your private party ticket on best friends. The winner becomes on contender for the Awa World Tag Team Championship. I'm GonNa take best friends here and I find it very strange that this is taking place and kind of goes against why they do the rankings. To begin with best friend's was probably the most over and had the highest momentum coming out of those Georgia tapings. Run the pandemic into the Jacksonville. Then over the last several weeks. They've they've kind of disappeared a little bit to take back behind Orange Cassidy. Which was was a bit surprising. I would have figured that best friends who have attacked him up title opportunity at double or nothing the way they were being booked in in April Journal's Georgia tapis acute marshals Jim So I'm GonNa take best friends doctor trade defeating private party. Yeah I am too. I'm surprised I didn't. I saw the rankings. I didn't know private part was five hundred for the year so far but will they did. Do a lot of dark matches against enhancement talent. That's kind of how they had their numbers so to speak to get this match I really love the work. The best friends have done. Like you say Georgia tapings think It's kind of a great combination. If that's the way the tag team match goes because you got paging Omega who don't really get along all that well against the best friends. So does PAM become other things. Where like okay can can people who truly work as a team beat true a single stars in a tag match so? I'm taking best friends as well. shouts a private party for going five hundred dark this year. So far pretty good for them next match here is ticket on Shawn Spears. This came about during the Shawn Spears new segment that air that was a great fun segment to spears challenging. Dustin Rhodes to match double or nothing. Statement Dustin. Rhodes Ed retired which wasn't true. I'm GONNA take Shawn Spears in this one and Hopefully this leads to some momentum for spears because he definitely deserves it and I'm hoping this also means that these Shawn Spears. A search for a tag team partner is over as well because that really didn't go anywhere but Follow that segments was one of my highlights of of Aws. Kaz that fake smile he would throw up was just great So I'm taking spears as well And maybe doesn't should kind of rain hold it back? He's not really getting moved at all in. This is basically getting destroyed by. Everybody gets in the ring with lately the next match here and I can't see this happening in double or nothing is Dr Bernard Baker deemed details on Chris Stat Lander and the reason why say that is During the Nile. Rose Dr Bert Bakker match against secure. Shoot Acura Shida and Chris Stat. Lander they'd through Nile rose into her knee brubaker and basically destroyed it When St Leonard goes to make cover she actually lifts the bad leg and her legs just completely limp for Baker and Nyla rose to actually drag her to make the tag. Brubaker appeared to be injured as we do the show. We've no idea what her injury is right now. And then the match kind of went to crap after that because the finished seem very awkward like Stan was supposed to break it up and then here's Cheetah going into a pay per view and she's losing clean tonight rose via power bomb but then she puts her through a table. The whole thing was just a cluster f because of the injury. I can't see this match happening but hopefully bakers okay and if she is okay enough to wrestle. I'm GonNa Take Baker defeating Krista Lander if she is okay to wrestle. I agree like I think Brits been the one bright spot in the women's division since the pandemic happened Haven't been built. Yeah but I mean it really like all the stuff she was doing during the pandemic mean and she almost got becky lynch respect. But you know from when becky had her nose broken but getting her nose broke still being ill like enhanced her heel ish this even more Like Brits been the shining spot in this division for a while so I kinda think you have to take her to win but once again you come out of can go way..

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