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Yeah I was fucking around seeing the ghost or seeing the monster it reminds. There's an old game that was on Sega Saturn it was called deep. And you were in space and you were running through these corridors. But you'd never got to see the monster you just. I knew it was coming. I would prefer not to see the monster. kind of like in What was that movie bird? What was the one with Sandbox Berber box? You never actually got to see the monsters but you just saw the aftermath so I kind of like I kind of like the fact that if you don't get to see the monster Mr I'm okay with it. It's just a suspense lake. Like holy. Fuck something something is chasing me and leave it up to my own like fucked up mind to imagine. Imagine that what this monster looks like and just try and get through the game John Gill John was first. Okay McGaw. Yeah this week this week on flippy floppy with Joe I I know I feel like if it was vice versa. And you didn't see the monster. You would be upset that you didn't get to see the monster no not in this type of game actually playing it every preferred not to see the monster because once you initially really see the monster. You're not really scared anymore. Is You know what it looks like. It's like seeing alien for the very first time you didn't know what the fuck aliens look like. You didn't know I know that it was going to be right there and just you know so once you aliens was just like okay. We know what the Aliens Aliens Three and Blah Blah Blah Blah as it goes on but if you leave that to the gamers imagination of what the monster is you're actually horrified and more terrified than actually knowing what it looks like Jon so so to that point yet. If you don't know what the monster looks like the your imagination in your imagining everything that you can possibly think of. What is the bad guy? Once you know what the monster looks like or the whatever it is then you can start to try and develop a plan to defeat it yet. If you don't know what what it looks like. You're still in the dark and it still always gonna be that constant like what am I work dealing with this. This constant anxiety really really is what it is and it's GonNa keep you on the edge of your seat so that's cool. Yeah John I think he I think he would like it. It is scary as far yeah No no it's not. It's not like it's not like until dawn type light airy well. It's not it's not like you know at least so far what I've played. It's more of all your new cookbook. It's very psychological for sure. John I watched probably the the video that Chris Santa's in in our text chat yet the video. I watched up to the point where he went into the mansion. In that amount of time I don't even know how long that was five minutes. It's a video where he's drives the van up to the mansion. Sure two minutes I knew in that amount of time. I was not going to play this game because I don't don't play Horror Games. I don't play anything that's GonNa give me anxiety or me have to worry about something jumping out skipping shed. I like those games. My brother Played Silent Hill with my buddy who. That's a great earl. The first one back in the day I watched I would not play that game arear than hearing that fucking static over the walkout. That was the scariest part of the entire game and demon when babies for that game. I don't play those games at no-interest I don't watch horror movies. I takeaway scary shit because I am already scared of enough things. I'll admit I'm scared of the dark. I'm scared of the ocean. I'm scared of the ocean trick or treat John Buck you took retreats not scary. It's I don't know it's a good thriller. It's but anyway anyway Kudos to you. Joseph because in two minutes of preview video for your game I knew it was too scary Gary for me to play definitely it was. It was good the the amount of video that I watched it was good quality. I liked it. I liked it enough to know it was not a game I was gonNA enjoy because I do not enjoy scary games. uh-huh yeah it definitely and that was the old version of the game John You haven't seen the new textures and everything. He's he's totally revamped. The game the videos that I saw our from like two years ago and he's definitely made a good. It looks good. Yeah so he Joseph Hato think you you the other Joe Yeah. He's made a giant jump with overhaul that he did with with the textures and everything. Because when I was watching the youtube videos from two years ago and then I actually loaded it on. My computer started playing I was like wow. This looks great. I mean it looks really nice for for You know like like who said I sold developer. He's you're killing it man. You're doing really great. Yeah no problem grace when you were live streaming streaming game where you streaming on mixer. No I was on Youtube live so if you go on our youtube channel you can watch them. Okay I'll do that so I can see what it looks like now. If view yeah look at it see what it looks like now but if you can scroll to the very end you can actually see me get scared and then I broke it because I think I think Joseph you're laughing your ass off when I screamed. It was just hilarious when I saw you break it. Yeah Yeah today. I fixed the bug that you found and I've been basically going through a bunch of feedback and making little tweaks to it the biggest feedback. I've heard that it's it's a pretty slow start and so I've been trying to address that in different ways very cool. Yeah it's interesting Trying China strike a balance because some people when they play it they will. They'll get right to the action real quick like they'll just happen to find all the stuff you need and then some people will. They'll never really get their you know they. They won't find the things they need. Just just the happenstance so it's interesting trying to find. Like how much should I hold their. You know because the people that Just go through real quick. They probably find that annoying. Like if the Games constantly like trying to guide you along the way but then at the the same time if I don't hold their hand enough then people might get frustrated and I feel like the you know. It's not really going to go anywhere Well so maybe it's something as simple as two auctions like hold my hand like hold my hand and I got. Yeah Yeah Help me daddy or off your two options. Yes as thinking about maybe tying it to the difficulty level you choose like if you choose easy. Maybe it'll like give you way more hints items will glow in the dark. It'll be a lot easier to tell. Where do you need to go? Candles matches the last a little bit longer. Yeah already on the difficulty. The difficulty right now sets the brightness of. Yeah it's how the abundance of items how many monsters how fast they are the damage all that stuff so there's more than one monster no okay Cheese and I'm still do really not gonNA play it honestly like hijabs. If this last playthrough cheated a little bit I turn my brightness all the way up just like I wanNA sleep with coming. If it's going to jump Outta me. I got to see something so but yeah I'm I'm like one of those players like when you're playing a survival survival game. I want to pick up everything. So anything everything that I can pick up matches taking it candles taking kennels got it home what else I'm I'm the horror movies. Got The backpack with everything in it. You Know Kevin Hart allergic to cake. There's an achievement in the game. If you actually actually grab every item in the whole House I got that last night. Joseph I mean I'm excited to see the future of the Games that you're trying to develop an or that you are working on As far as in this game I wanna see I wanna see it through. Now that I've played it. What three times already I just? I've got to see it through absolutely I feel the same way I'm excited for your development on this game and I mean just keep listening to the gamers. I think that's what makes good developer overall if you listen to the crowd that's telling you. Hey I need more direction than give him that in a novice type of difficulty and and the people that don't want it you know the advanced gamers that don't want that then give him that and give him the intense and more monsters and stuff and I think if you keep listening and keep doing doing your work in work hard like you're doing everyone's GonNa love this game you know. The future is bright for you man. It's great except except for John. John you might need to make like a pony game that has rainbows and like candy and stuff like that. John Love that our Unicorn. That Shit's ice cream. I mean there might be some trademark things like really scary music and shit but then have like a baby iota. POPOUT kittens dislike picture. And you're like supposed to be scared of a jump scares me that it's still does. Its job and I won't play it but even if it's just like like interested to see what you guys think of other levels too. Yeah there's the the other seven levels and total time shows reaction seven layers of hell man. Yeah this is going to be by the seventh levels. It's going to be like in the corner in the cleanroom like I can't play your gave him anymore. I can't play. I can't play. Yeah I'M GONNA BE I'M GONNA be fucked up that man. You'RE GONNA mess mess with my mind. What's that and they're like? That's the oven. Get the house like. Oh sorry I'm scared jumpy. Yes so I made it to the with each level gets more and more intense so the first level is actually the least intense man. Lourdes play the game. I watched the preview. I felt like I've done Pohjola said when the ceiling started bouncing a and shit started falling from the ceiling. I'm out I'm done. I ran out of the house. I did the same exact thing. Same thing Joe. And that's where I got lost in that fucking manner and you know the directions already fucked period in daylight so in this direction and games on fucked. Yeah maybe in real life too but you know what you should do Christmas..

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