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In the town of herzegovina. Rock hurt so didn't you begin. I think you said like herzog iraq. You really hit an over so dinner just saying it is making me cough right through the center of had so ganor off. Is the river. Rock and rudy took his people across the river and built a new factory. No i'm sorry. There were two factories that were that. Were part of this. This company and rudy took the south factory and ati kept the north fact. This is a steinbeck novel. These two brothers fighting and one of them crosses the river with his people shaking his fist. Yep and but they stayed in this. It's interesting they stayed in the same town as rivals and and What bitter bitter bitter brothers. yeah they Rudy initially called his shoes rueda short for rudy destler and it was the other called data originally right originally Ati went from ati called the shoes. Odd us but there was already a brand of children's shoes called awda so he just put an eye on adidas slower and and the The evolution of rueda two puma was kind of just p- puma just is is a bad ass cat whereas rueda sounds like somebody's is revealing. That rudy shoes go on to become puma. Rueda became puma. Yeah rudy rudy. Shoes re really rudy. Do rudy tutti fresh fruity and the two companies began. What became a A rivalry throughout the twentieth century and a rivalry where it basically divided the town. Anyone who lived on the south side of town also worked in rudy's factory and only war puma shoes and anyone who lived north of the river worked north of the river and wore adidas. This is insane. It's a company town but it's divided between two companies that are just totally strange and hate each other and it and it was a not just a neighborhood thing but a family thing your if your father worked for you worked for adidas it never would occur to you to wear a puma shoe if there are people that you know that said that you would never mention the name of the of the The rival across the river. He can't even say it and the town was called became nicknamed the town of bent necks. Because the first thing you did was look at someone shoes and that would tell you everything about. It is literally gang colors. Yeah so you're walking around you know you can't really interact in the town without looking down i so the town of bent next became it's it's well it's nickname and i think i think only recently it stopped being kind of known that way in the region the their success throughout the fifties and sixties was very connected to sport the first world cup after the war. The germans weren't allowed to participate in in nineteen fifty. There was still you know. Germany was still an occupied country. And the and you did a very naughty. Yeah genocide you cannot be in. The world are not allowed to play football but by fifty four. there was a kind of rehabilitation happening west. Germany saw that trying to keep the germans beaten down. Didn't work after world war one and maybe the way to do it after world war two is just getting back in in the game and tournament a healthy. Happy capitalists is still a unified german team or is it a west germany east german team. I guess the time this would have been the west german team. They were allowed into the nineteen fifty four world cup and adidas became the official shoe of the german team. Now both ati and rudy were really at the forefront of the idea of sports marketing and rudy was really good at it but audie had all these friendships and relationships connections to people in sport because he was making the shoes and was and people came to him to find out about the shoes. The coach of the west german team was a man him sepp herberger and separate had also been a nazi. But that wasn't what they had in common. What they had in common was the love of shoes and so up became a like a. He was the one that shows adidas to be the shoes of the german team. And from that from nineteen fifty four all the way into the late seventies. The competition between the brothers had a lot to do with what evolved into sports marketing thing. I had a jump in the shoe game since they actually had all the real engineers and designers working for had better and better shoes right. But somebody still on but rudy was a better marketer and in the end It was at the nineteen seventy world cup. That rudy got palay into woman's and as part of the contract palay at the start of the game ran out onto the pitch and held his hand up to the referee. Who is about to blow the whistle to start the game and bent down and tied his shoes on camera in front of a billion people watching the world cup and this was like a a little little buzzed marketing. That rudy came up. Must've been controversial at the time now. It's just commonplace that there will be sneaker wars as part of every professional sport. I think i think that it was only later. Revealed to be a was just like oh hang on. I've got time. I shoot my puma and so the camera pans down to you know to capture palay their tieing shoes. And it's it's just up to you if you want to see what shoes wearing if you wanna buy those for yourself you don't have to bend your neck if the cameras bending for you but it is true that that adidas always had the lead in terms of technological innovation and they always were the biggest company and it it actually was ati son horst dassler..

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