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I think that's why we number when patrick mahomes honestly because we've seen him adjust to every situation in the nfl. Listen there would be no other team in the nfl. That we would think would win this game outside of the kansas city chiefs. And just. Because pats home you telling me that a depleted offense of land is about to play in the super bowl against wanted. A top five pass rushing teams in the nfl. And we not sitting here talking about the trouble that you can't see the chiefs have no because of fifteen and his mobility. And the way andy reid and airbnb calls plays as well. They are not going to allow us to get going in their ears back. The best thing for the kansas city chiefs will be patrick. Mahomes ability to move slide. Take ten to fifteen yards when he can run down the field and put that secondary level defense in no man's land. Do we come up and tackle. Patrick mahomes that he goes over our head to toe. Rico travis kelsey or do we allow him to pick up this. I now live to place a more downs as opposed to give it up the explosive. Plays patrick mahomes equalize. This thing trust me. Yeah but he's going to be without one of his most important teammates again. Eric fisher. Who was the starting left tackle. Who is out for those who tore his achilles the an eighteen snaps this season without him on the field they all came after that injury against buffalo. A huge factor and dan. Let's go back to the injury mahomes. We all forgot about the tow because he had a concussion was concussion. Protocol coming out of the cleveland game. How if at all do we expect that toe injury to impact his ability to use his mobility in the super bowl. The chiefs felt like it had some impact on his ability to move around in the afc championship game. Obviously didn't cost him anything. In that game. They wanted easily but he talked earlier this week about. It's starting to feel better about how the rest of the extra week between the conference championship game in the super bowl had been good for it and he expects it to feel better on sunday. Then it did the last time he was out there he. He kept saying close to one hundred percent. So it's possible that it will affect him at least in some small way especially if he s to move around a lot but the anticipation is that. It'll be better in better shape than it was against buffalo. All right so there's something to take out of this. Maybe mahomes using his legs becomes a bigger factor in this game than it has been so far in the playoffs so we've spent pretty much the whole week focusing on the tampa defense against the kansas city. Offense how about the reverse. How about the flip side when tampa bay has the football on that means. The goat is on the.

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