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There's no summer sports bullies, so you might as well into Canon ball on Thursdays, and whereas a lot to get into, so let's talk to the one and only ms Ms. how are you man? Thank you very much. Of this show never in my career that I ever think anyone on busted open would say I'm a friend of the show, but I feel like we've. We've made a turn, and now it's almost like it's almost like I'm complimented too much on the show to where now people will. Go against you and be like dude lawyer. We saw good buck. Well you kinda sucked lately. You. Listen I've been a fan from day one. I try to convince the Greco on almost a daily basis. I'm like no two guys really good. He's good on the microphone. He's attaining. You know he's got the show now. He's got this other show and public record has finally come around. And? That's why you'll here because he finally came around. It only took fifteen years. But you know he's gone it around and I think it's the. Wrestling. Sister Watch Mrs all day and that's how he came around. Bonding he's fear, my wife, he does come on the show and he. Sometimes we'll say wow. Did you see Maurice on the show last night? And I'm like Dave. Stop talking about Ms Wife like that. That is completely i. Talked about my wife that. She will ban. Little known fact Poli Original Co. host with me Doug. Morgan was fired from the show because he didn't like the miss. I can't. I can't have this anymore out with MS and then end with bully ray. I think it was fair. I think it was a fair trade. I GonNa mid span for a long time I. Know what you know what it's like an album sometimes when you don't like an album when you first hear it, and then you grows on you and you'll learn to love it, and it's a classic. That's dimiss one of my favorites, and not only because of what he does in the ring, and on the Mike on wwe programming, but like you said with your reality show, and now with cannonball. Tell us a little bit about what to expect. Come Thursday night at eight. PM Gamble is the biggest wettest wildest water sports competition.

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