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It's the Italian beef and I'm being told all sorry Satan yeah assist I wasn't supposed to mention it my best now let you know if it's good or not I don't know if it's going to be any good or not but you guys have to live life yeah this is yeah I'm gonna eat it on behalf of you sitting thanks very by eight is gonna be dedicated to you I'm just on this like crazy how to get a cheeseburger I don't know what's going on the last three days but all I could think about is cheese burgers so that's going to dominate about ten minutes the search begins yeah this Italian beef last time we had it was so good so good I I don't know what this means I just saw this and I thought well I'll bring it to your attention Joe burrow was selected by the Bengals the Bengals have taken an SEC player in twenty three consecutive drafts I don't know if anybody finds that interesting but I did I guess it's smart to do that Alabama had four offensive players taken in the first round the only other school to ever do that nineteen sixty eight was USA and I'm guessing that was OJ Simpson in nineteen sixty eight maybe hi this stay in sports history what have we got a bunch of the sea and it picked two off the top of my head this is for bills fans draft good draft one in nineteen eighty five Bruce Smith the great defensive lineman was selected on this date first overall pick in his number was seventy eight seventy yeah okay and then in two thousand fifteen not so good for bucs fans this is the date that Jameis Winston was trapped okay this is for sister and he wore number three yes those are just random all right let me go to Todd on the scoreboard numbers I'm looking at the numbers that say L. seven S. cover this anthology three all huh sorry about that we are purposely went into Miami I was I you know I my bad I went out of order I went to Polly for this phase for history yeah all right we're still we're doing at school no Danielle in Indiana the winners here Todd scoreboard what is the scoreboard get put up on your end just accuracy as far as how many hours of research is the first time the school board his first go on at the beginning of the show I've been locked in on the show so it's not three hours to try to I don't think so thank you spend some time to teasing me on the show tomorrow time long okay yeah yeah one of these entry lately yes yesterday nothing tomorrow okay yeah I'm gonna play it next heard from guy fieri after I booked him yesterday do you want to send us some knuckle sandwich gear he's got so that's his clothing brand clothing line all right let's see what we learned in the program final results of the poll question Mike Levin okay our three poll who would you want as a backup quarterback Andy Dalton Camden seventy four percent Dalton yeah I would take gold for that role but if you said they get this compete for the starting job then I would want him to I just don't know about came in you know because of this offseason well because what's going on in the offseason nobody's going to be able to get into in front of camera into working out find out what is medicals are in it might be late August before he gets a chance to latch onto a team or have to wait for somebody to get injured I I don't know any Dalton got a clean bill of health Andy Dalton is going to be a perfect backup quarterback depending on how much you have to spend Todd Todd what did you learn on today's program I learned to try not to ever be changers young when the servers so you can see you via the zoom when you should have kept it on it was Ohio state and he said and it was great and quick thinking by him he said you're Joe burrow you went from the Ohio state Jersey and you put on an L. S. U. Jersey right I thought you choose no I want to give love to Williams in the ACC and I put on Chicago Blackhawks for will be make love in what did you learn grow Roy Williams almost had side Williamson so we thought yep now would still probably live in a peaceful scene okay I learned that Paul found a way to make cod scoreboard segment entertaining today and great little ideas all waste and maintenance on it make it irrelevant to show my clue real quick it was foregone conclusion thank you Todd Polly what did you learn to I can't imagine how many jerseys and shirts taught hesitance because no matter what happens.

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