NFL, Arizona, Greg discussed on Wall Street Journal This Morning


The door to weakening that protections for people well with preexisting conditions like get as mattered art cancer on a radio show an alabama last night president trump again blamed senator john mccain for the gop failure to repeal obamacare thing is till i vote was a tremendous slap in the face of the republican party they'll sponsor lindsey graham a friend of mccain's defended i am saying he was willing to die for his country and he can vote any way he wants a win sand wild fire broke out adjacent to the riverside freeway on the riverside in orange county california border yesterday and blackened about two thousand acres within eight hours prompting evacuations and corona anaheim fire spokesman darren why it ninety degree weather dry conditions with low humidity relative community factors which could greg the fire again santa ana winds blowing around twenty five miles per hour also fanning the canyon fire dallas cowboys owner jerry jones has been a staunch supporter of president trump so the speculation was that he would not allow his players to neil during the national anthem last night the cowboys and their owners did me although not during the anthem following a weekend a protesting across the nfl the cowboys in their owner displayed their own version of unity by kneeling on the field before rising as a group prior to playing the national anthem as for the game the cowboys highflying offense hit its stride in the second half as they beat the arizona cardinals twenty two seven in teen compass media had the call is cowboys qb dak prescott hit dez bryant for fifteen yard thirdquarter score she hamrick prescott you'll declety ellie steps.

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