Congressman Conyers, Nancy Pelosi, Congressman discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


The sean hannity show traffic has accused active and once it one accusation is the too i think there has to be john conyers is an icon in our country he's done a great a great deal to protect when at both violence against women act which the left wing right wing it's now quoting the as praising him for his work on that and he did great work on that the allegations against congressman conyers as we have learned more since sunday are serious disappoint disappointing credible spare said of the brave woman came forward are owned justice i praise the congress nippon yusen his family and wish them well health ever congressman congress should resign nancy pelosi's statement which i'm sure all of you all are aware of at this juncture calling on the congressman to resign first of all it is not up to nancy pelosi nancy pelosi did not elect the congressman she surest hail won't be the one still the congress in the to leave that decision will be completely up to the congressman he's not thought about that he's thinking about his health he's thinking about getting wale that is the may focus above the family director air force or leninist go ahead a by what britain who shall pass now what you did and though that okay i'm telling you very much uh i have heard many here in m a spice to a him by holding which boy john conyers the pillar uh he will get the deadly in horse uh to replace new might say then congress and i are very proud of the fact that are visiting of the bridge and those i will continue harold hall there's fan of our search for a vote cutting bird retirement plans to together if a we'll have more about that a very soon congress and i'm gonna get some clarity here and i think i do have it before the record but those may not have understood offered what you said is that you very confident in your legacy you are today at this time at this moment in this period preparing for your retirement a day in which you are not prepared to annouce at this moment i've heard you've heard about bringing the fifth presented folk and i am retiring i am i want everyone to know how much i appreciate the support it the incredible vin menace of.

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