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This is a big deal. Now, I saw that. Mark PO can he Pramilla Giac pallor the co chairs of the progressive caucus, and he issued a statement saying that they were going to vote for the rules package. And here's his quote, he said we have been concerned about pay go for months and have had numerous conversations with rules chairman Jim McGovern and house leadership about these concerns. We all agree that the real problem with pay go exists in the statute that requires it that is why we'll be introducing legislation in the one hundred sixteenth congress to end pay go. In the meantime, chairman McGovern and house leadership have committed to us that pay go will not be an impediment to advancing key progressive priorities and one hundred sixteenth congress with the assurances that pay. Go can be waived we do plan to vote for the house rules package and proceed with legislation to fix the statute. My first impression was I how naive can they be that what they're going to assure them that the wave the provisions why pass it if it's going to be waived it is seek a little surf. History lesson given okay. Pelosi as soon as she comes in two thousand seven institutes this rule for go which is substantially similar to what is is going to be in the rules for tomorrow. It it says that yeah, you can waive it. If there's an emergency exemption, so like the stimulus package passed obviously spent money, but that was given an emergency exemption from the pig. Oh, okay. So so that thing that sort of thing has happened before? But you know, it's at the discretion of the leader to to say whether something's an emergency or not right in twenty ten under Nancy, Pelosi's leadership signed by President Obama, a pay goes statute comes into to play a law saying that if congress deficit spins under, the the Congressional Budget Office ledger, you know. What they what they decide is deficit spending. Then automatic cuts suspending have to go into place. Now, this is true. But this can also be waived, and we saw this with the Trump tax cuts. There was some fear that because this was entirely unspent that that, you know, entirely unpaid for that there would have to be some cuts to the budget automatically instituted. But what what Republicans do they passed a law waving statutory, pay go and went forward. So yes, there are ways around sort of everything in congress. But it does beg the question of if if you're just going to put away around it, if you've been assured that this won't be an impediment anything, then why does it exist and the answer to why it exists is that it just gives another lever? To the speaker, and the leadership to you know, kind of block or or priorities that they they don't agree with? I mean, there was an excellent paper put out by Josh givens of the Economic Policy Institute, which explains that the stimulus Packers was probably made smaller because of pig go the healthcare law the subsidies were shrunk probably because of pay go the there was this. Maneuvering that remember the healthcare law passed in twenty ten but it didn't really come into to assistant until twenty fourteen Rafe that was to get around the, but the pay go rule because the spending wouldn't start until four years and even the taxes started right away way to sorta game pay go that contributed to negative impressions of the law. The the the government kind of switch to Australia and starting in twenty. Ten and and givens has this great stat in his paper that says that you know, if we would have spent on public investment at the same levels that we did after recessions in the sixty seventies and eighties. We would have had full employment at a level that we have today back in twenty thirteen. So this stuff has real consequences when you put in these artificial sort of ratchets to say that that we can't respond to crises in particular ways. Or we we we have to abide by this. This idea that the deficit is the most important thing in our political lives. They have it has real consequences for real people. And you know, to to say that oh, well, we can get rid of it whenever we want that Washington doesn't always work that way best laid plans. It's it's. You know and just to be clear..

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