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Support for this podcast and the following message comes from adt security helping to protect families and homes for over 140 years adt yard sign is more than a sign it's a line in the sand for what matters most there's adt learn more at adt dot com live from npr news in washington i'm shea stevens houston's fire department says it will conduct block by block searches of thousands flooded homes starting today tropical storm harvey's floodwaters receding in the area raising fears it more bodies will be found harris county officials confirm at least twenty five deaths from the storm the us army corps of engineers meanwhile as ordering mandatory evacuations were several subdivisions dear reservoir and fort bend county that is expected to flood officials at a houston area chemical plant damaged by harvey are warning that the facility is likely to explode as houston public media's travis bu bennett reports the plant lost power during the storm the plant owned by our argument eggs stores organic peroxides that have to be refrigerated or they can catch fire or explode arguments ceo rich roh told reporters that flooding has left the company helpless materials could now explode inkatha subsequent intense fire rose says it's impossible to predict what will happen as the chemicals warm and become more unstable the company has evacuated the plant and local authorities have been evacuating residents in one point five mile radius around it the company doesn't believe a blast would stretch beyond that radius for npr news i'm travis boo venik in houston a federal judges temporarily blocking a texas law that was sent to go into effect on friday as npr's richard gonzales reports the statute would have punished socalled sanctuary cities chief us district judge or lender garcia rule that texas officials may not implement senate bill for which would have given local law enforcement the authority to ask about a person's immigration status during interactions with the public it also required local officials to comply with requests from federal immigration authorities to detain anyone suspected of living in this country illegally but critics say the law would lead to racial profiling and violates the first and fourth amendments law was set to go into effect in september one but judge garcia said it was unlikely to withstand constitutional scrutiny.

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